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let the good times roll…

July 20, 2014


arrived in 1978 as the listeners’ title for the lead track from a rather prolific record as coming from the hands of one of the greater bands of an era, the cars – in some simple fashion the celebrating spirit captured all within that one track also welcomed in an overriding fire within me for music, not just that of the new wave frontier yet for good music period – and that was the greater beginning of a love affair that began within me for wmmr and wysp as well as for that of the steadily emerging excellent record collection my big brother Jimmy was carefully building – what a time it was in so many ways in those latter days of the 1970’s – skating, sledding and many a weekend camping at the shore as well as train trips to new york city, holiday drives to pittsburgh to see nana and so many of my relatives and even beautiful roadtrips up and through the countryside of new england in the fall just to see the leaves, these were some of the ways that made up so many of the days of my time as a child in greater philadelphia – i even loved school as it was there where i had so many friends and it was there that i had the single-best teacher i ever had when i was in the fifth grade with mr. wilson – what a perfect fit he was as a former professional magician now teaching classes full of ten year-olds – he was such a wonderful person that when i sent him a graduation announcement some seven years later from many states away he not only sent a card of congratulations back but he also slipped inside of it a new and quite crisp twenty dollar bill, i’ll never forget that -

these four precious years weren’t always the picture-perfect existence that these hopefully clever and seemingly wistful words would otherwise lead us all to believe yet then again there is no such thing as picture-perfect in this life for anything more than a moment is there? – and when it happens it’s typically a fleeting moment that we all should savor and then take in to our memory for our better recollection for the rest of our days – after all it’s all on the inside as coming from the memory and then instantly arriving in our imagination as to where we lead ourselves in this life – as we see good we feel good and when we feel good we can receive good, not only the good of this world but far greater than that the receiving of the good and guiding word of God from within the holy spirit within us – and when you’re there as i’ve only arrived in realizing in recent years myself it’s the very best place we can ever dwell within – there’s a peace and a presence underlying the perfectly guiding ways of God that leads us in a way we never could lead ourselves – and when we’re in step with what it is we’re here for and why we’ve been given the life we have from there it’s an accelerated blessing of unity that can only ever truly be felt no matter how eloquent the words of another may say it’s so – some of us may say that it’s simply good timing and that it’s quite a coincidence yet the way it’s said the very best is that it’s the only speed any of us will ever need and that’s godspeed – and the very minute you get there let the good times roll even better than they ever have before – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

sometimes it’s wicked…

July 16, 2014


words in all of their masquerading fashion that arrive as the helping hand we’re all looking for from one time to another in this wonderful thing we call life – and may never any one of us ever let it leave our heart that life is indeed quite wonderful – yet it sometimes seems that right when we’re needing to see it that way the very most is also right when we’re at the very least of what life appears to be giving us and therein lies the deception – and it’s such a dangerously blinding self-deception that so many of us give into as even further reinforced by the so-called caring yet actually angry friends we’re letting into our life – after all we do become who we allow into our inner circle eventually doing the very same as they do and typically thinking and speaking quite the very same as well – and when you’re in a bad kind of way it’s right there and then where it’s vital in that you make the greatest call of your life – it’s vital in that it’s in this one defining decison that it’s either up and away you’re headed into enlightenment or down and gone you go battling through each and every day – and when it’s the wrong way with the wrong people you’re effectively leaving yourself behind in a life shaped out of your own pain with your so-called friends shoveling the dirt right down your gasping throat – what a potentially terrifying picture, isn’t it? – however it is that bad as it’s truly a psychological play of the worst variety that’ll fleece you of all that is truly of value in your life – added on to that is the grandest mistake being made in leaving behind the one or ones you’re so errantly running from under the delusion that it’s better out there – yet let it be said that it’s not always the one that left actually doing the running as sometimes that actually is found in the one shutting down refusing to even listen – and then again sometimes and a lot of the time the one shutting down’s also running for the hills as fast as they can – it’s all seemingly so confusing yet really it’s not when we finally begin to see the light – and in a way that’s as easy as asking – it’s as easy as asking in that the light is right there from within by the grace of God as that is where truly unlimited strength is always born as lifted by the peace of God as he lives within us right within our heart – in the very spirit of rising through and above it all in that far greater light it’s also tantamount in our comprehending that it’s all only ever a matter of what it is that we decide to see as what we’ll eventually receive in return in life – life simply doesn’t just throw at us what it will as that is not how it happens – yet rather in many ways we truly do create what we speak – however as that remains an elusive concept for any of us to yet engage in it’ll only ever be to our consistent lack and downfall until we realize that that really is how it happens in all of our lives -

it’s from far too personally of a vantage point as well as an immensely compassionate newfound enlightenment of how we are with relationships and the human condition as to why i am saying what i am saying – so for any and everyone that may possibly be reading this with a relating heart know that from here forward it’s up to you in having either an immeasurable faith in God unlike ever before or giving in to the cruelty of the doubting mind that’ll indeed lead you right to where the greater balance of your thoughts and words live – with God it’s great, without him not so greatand if this is you realize it’s a crossroads as to where you’ve arrived – and all of the pain, confusion and deep-seated unrest are what should be telling you you’re at a crossroads – you’re at a crossroads not with anyone in your life as waywardly destructive negative emotions are leading you to believe in a likely unchecked and suffocating fashion as that is what you are feeling, rather it’s a crossroads within you – what it is is that it’s all about where you are in life and what you understand and what you know how to do versus all that you were never given in adolescence that remains awaiting critically-needed discovery – and as you do you’ll find your arriving into a life of your better and your very best days all the while reaching your very destiny far away from any former fear – and within that very fear it’s imperative in realizing that the better life rarely ever lies within the ever-so-popular trend of running and trying it all over again with someone else – let it be said and very well understood you’ll never find success in simply giving it another go and hoping it all works out better the next time around as that’s a fool’s paradise at best and eventually at it’s worst – if it seemed appropriate i’d apologize for coming across with such a zest and a zeale in desiring to help others avoid all of the devastating pain – yet it’s such needlessly wasted time suffering in all of the anguish, the hurt and the deeply-saddened haze of what it is to be torn apart at the hands of the breakdown as then paraded about and applauded for by far too many layers of a dangerously drifting and culturally-stained societyinstead i write these words to encourage you that it does get better and there is a different and far better way in arriving there – and it comes in turning within your heart in turning to God and listening to him – and as you do you’ll also be led right to the awaiting and one and only truly helping hand – wishing you all of the peace from within as giving life to the forgiveness, compassion and love that we all deserve as well as God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

{for further extensive resources please refer to the highly enlightening work of joel osteen at as well as the brilliant work of larry bilotta at}


sometimes i write…

July 13, 2014


as it’s the one and only way at the time to say whatever it may be that seems to need to see the light of day – it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything so high-minded or even anything that’s all that sensible in the way of whatever words are arriving and then being sent into the winds of whatever may be – when it comes right down to it it’s just the need to write – sometimes it’s simply just a way from within in where i can find a good laugh at life and even myself – and you know that’s always a good thing as the lighter we are with ourselves surely is always reflected with everyone around us quite the same – in the way of living life at its best with the richest and by far and away grandest sense of living with a soul-driven satisfaction it’s laughter that keeps leading me that way – in many ways in my life it seems i’m writing even when i’m not here with you in these pages – it’s a state of mind that’s been leading me in this way for at least the last year or so – it’s a setting i seem to be on in some wonderfully mysterious fashion from somewhere deep within my wandering mind that’s always setting a smile in my heart as well as giving life to a great and altogether unexpected laughter as rising up and away from my voice – and as it happens as it does i feel amazing – i feel as if i’m living within a stride where everything’s as wonderful as i could ever imagine it to be -

i see something written on a sign as so often seems to be the way or i hear someone talking whether they’re with me or coming from some sort of broadcast and then it just happens – and what it is is that i see it or hear it altogether for not what it is yet for something that somehow’s just slightly rearranged in some dyslexic fashion that’s always to the great rewarding affect of my just falling out in complete laughter – at times it’s such a great laughter far funnier than anything i could have ever come up with all on my own – and what’s amazing from there is even in the midst of having been suddenly amused my mind does indeed very quickly realize what it actually was that it saw or heard yet thankfully that greater awareness never gets in the way of the happening laughterit’s quite an incredible space to be in – it’s something like living out a situational comedy for one that carries over to nearly everybody around me if i let it, which mainly i do given the beautiful reality of laughter being infectious without even trying – from writing to laughing to living to laughing right along the way in writing my life it’s a gift of completely sheer delight – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

every person’s life…

July 11, 2014


is a fairytale written by God’s fingers said hans christian andersen oh so many years ago – and what a wonderful way it is to not only see life in such a fashion yet far greater than that to experience life from one day to the next in just this way – indeed a richer way to live out our days there can never be – however there’s a key in the discovery of living life in such a giving rhythm – yet for the many of us we cannot even begin to imagine his fantastical words as actually being true – then again what really is true in this life away from what we decide to see? – after all it’s in everything and everyone surrounding us as to what we’re allowing in in setting the scene of our every day – where am i and what are these people with and around me all about? – it’s the arriving answers to these questions that’ll lead us along the way into taking over the reigns of our life if and only if we keep our eyes open and that can only ever come from the foundation of an open heart – as much as our very good intentions may have us feeling good for a moment and maybe even many a day beyond that it’s the consistency we keep in the faith for the vision of our life that leads to what happens in the way that’s ultimately the most ideal – and while that in and of itself sounds and seems altogether far too idealistic it is nonetheless the truth in the way that it is what it is -

one of the the more fascinating awakenings i’ve been graced with in these past 3 years running is the concept that we really can have what we want in life and the way with which it comes is nothing short of miraculous – from there what i’ve discovered in learning from many far wiser and well more keenly aware than i am is that there is a place within us around us and maybe even very far away from us where indeed everything as born of the gifts we’ve been given seems to be entirely possible – it seems that it’s within this very place invisible to the eye yet entirely real within the heart as then arrives the new reality of what we initially just imagined – for many of us we may have already experienced this maybe countless times in our life yet we’ve never had even a clue as to when or why let alone how – and this is where it gets really exciting as it all changes the very instant that it happens right as we imagined it as it’s right there and then that we know maybe for the very first time in our life that there is no such thing as coincidence – it’s at this point where we begin to realize with much greater detail than ever before that we are indeed able to paint the picture of our very own destiny – at an even higher level from there it’s the greater blessing of being gifted an entire vision as just suddenly appearing to us having nothing to do with anything going on in our mind that tells us this is your time – this is your time to rest in the faith that it’s all happening by the grace of God – this is your time to trust that in some completely inexplicable way he clearly has it all set up for us with the only guiding directions being that we stay in faith and step to it – wishing you one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerockfiles/RRF~

easing the pain…

July 8, 2014


of another even when they’re a perfect stranger is a gift from a soul to a soul that runs in each direction – it’s an honor in what’s been given to me from everything that was simply there to all that God’s led me to in the light that’s now writing the journey that’s become my life – and all of that of which i’ve learned with ease as well as that of which i’ve learned in the tears of agonizing heartache together has led me to a place i’d never imagined i’d be in yet i wouldn’t have it any other way – i wouldn’t have it any other way for the single solitary reason in that nothing i’ve ever done has given me anywhere even close to the gratification that’s lighting up my heart and leading my life in a way that i’ve never felt or experienced before – giving it all back in every way that i can is such a completing feeling as to why i’ve been given the life that i’ve been so lovingly given by the grace of God – yes there are many happy destinations this life has given me in the way of worldly goods and wonderful places i’ve traveled to and for all of the amazingly good and loving people all throughout my life who have made so much of it possible i say thank you with all of my heart – yet when it comes down to what makes us tick in that one thing in which we have such a passionate drive for i count myself as well more than fortunate in landing where i am – it really and truly is a gift in drawing upon all that i’ve learned and gained by and from there simply being able to make some sort of positive and hopefully lasting difference in the life of another right at the time they needed it the most – that’s the perfect timing not of coincidence yet rather in the way of godspeed – so many have done the very same for me and in so many ways you all have helped me in my life in everything from the slightest to the grandest of fashions and now it’s my turn to do the same – and in that light in every new day i thank God for everything he keeps doing for me as i’m also thanking him for a greater awareness than what i had the day before – it’s in that greater awareness in that i’m able to add to the well-being of all of those in my life even if it’s just in setting a smile upon the face of another as we’re just crossing paths – and as i do my path keeps amazingly arriving to new meetings with new people in need of a good word, or maybe even a few hundred beyond that – and whether it’s a word of hope or ones of healing or even those of inspiration it’s everything so wonderful in simply being given the chance to give – and give i will as i now feel and understand so much more than i ever have before about all that’s happened in my life and indeed how this wonderful thing we call life works at its best – and with that i know it’s now my greater guiding mission to help in the same compassionate way that was so graciously given to me and indeed carries on in quite the same blessed fashion -

for me it all comes down to caring in the simplicity of unconditional compassion – it’s a place i arrived in and one for which i feel i’ll always remain after being left behind with the one and only option of then figuring out how to rise above and beyond it all – i would venture to say the very reason for the unlimited reach with which i feel for others in the way that i now do comes directly from having made it all the way through after beginning with an unimaginably heavy heart laden with every sad and troubling emotion there seems to be – this evolution’s led me to feel right in saying that it’s the truth in that there’s nothing simple, nice or easy in quitting, cutting and then just running as it’s collectively a paralyzing disease that’s increasingly getting the better of us one by one millions at a time – psychology understands it and the pathetic side of modern day culture dances on the new and daily death of it – you see there is no remedy when you’re on the run as the path to a better life only ever lies from within in deciding to truly face the demons that all came from what we were never given and certainly never deserved in not being given – yet for quite a long time to never so many of us have zero idea what’s happened, why it’s happening or what to even make of any of it other than letting our lesser and greatly hurting selves get even more of the better of us – and for some it’s the best of us as we end up falling straight to pieces becoming someone no one even recognizes – and that’s the agony of the ending of a relationship that arrives when one of us simply splits saying i’m done and i’m not talking about it and that’s that -

it should never be underestimated in that the path from there’s far more difficult than that of the one of staying together and getting the critically needed help that does actually exist – throwing it all away’s simply sadder than sad and rarely if ever the way into your  better and then best days – so no matter where you may be and no matter what you may be feeling know there is hope, there is healing and you will feel the beautiful light of inspiration once again – and if i can do anything to help you on your way i certainly always will as it’s an honor just to be given the chance to give – wishing you the gift of vision and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

bill gaither said it…

July 5, 2014


just yesterday as he and marty stuart were right there in the midst of the most fascinating sit-down having a grand old time of it talking shop about music and gospel – there they were trading stories, smiles and laughter all from well more than a common thread between the 2 of them – and such a bonding thread it is as coming together from the worlds of both bluegrass-bred honky-tonk country music as well as the rarified loving air of gospel music just the same – it was simply an uplifting pleasure listening to the 2 of them sharing not only a rather unique bond yet also quite an affectionate respect for one another built upon the many decades of quite distinctive and resounding success for them both – there’s marty stuart having cut his teeth on the incomparable foundational strength of gospel which then amazingly enough led to a relatively early entry into the band of one johnny cash, with johnny being a man of God with a heart for the plight of the good people rarely seen at such depths by other performers – and then there’s bill gaither as a man with a name built upon service to a lifetime of all that is good, great and ever so wonderful in the world of celebrating the good word of God in the incomparably moving fashion as that of gospel music -

so there they are as recorded for all to see and hear in marty stuart’s beautifully soul-lifting new release titled the gospel music of marty stuart and his fabulous superlatives and then bill gaither said it – he said “we’re at a time in our history where we’re in desperate need of hope” – and what he said for me is the very essence of why i’ve been led to give of what i’ve been so generously given in every way that i can, it’s the very reason that i write with the one and only hope in that inspiration will take flight in that of another somewhere out there in this wide and wonderful world – in the way that i see it it’s absolutely vital to be of any and every inspiration we can possibly be to another – for me it’s what life is all about – yet as much as it flies in the face of the literally astonishing technological connectivity we have in this day and age it’s the tearing us apart that nonetheless seems to be the specialty of so much that’s so sadly selfish and heartless as coming at us from every angle of modern society and a large part of the so-called culture it brings along with it – what we need instead is a lifting up of one another’s spirits and a tieing together of all of that’s already right between us as that’s where true strength of peace is found in the fashion of forgiveness, compassion and love – and it all begins as born in creating hope within the spirit of another as that’s the answer to the calling in what bill said as he so heartfully said -

i believe that as we all simply take a look around at all that’s there to be seen we’ll sadly discover hope is indeed for far too many of our fellow brothers and sisters threadbare to altogether missing – and we cannot let it go on that way for one more minute – it’s why i bring everything to a halt every time my eyes are open and every time i’ve managed to leave the receiver on within my heart to stop and talk to someone on the corner sign-in-hand and down-and-out on life – i give them what i can in not only provisions but even more importantly the words so given to me from within by way of the holy spirit, and i always ask them their name – it’s our name as the word we all love to hear more than any other that leads to the amazing return of life i can see in their eyes as they see and feel someone else cares – and that’s a gift we can all not only afford but should strive to give as it’s the very essence of the love within us all – it’s why what initially seems to be against my errantly conditioned better judgment that as i’m hearing God above right from within that it’s time to write and here’s what i want you to say that i do just that right there and then and this happens – and for me only good and far greater than that has ever arrived in listening and then giving – after all giving is living as giving is the ray of light that is indeed the gift of hope and from there with faith all that is good is indeed always possible – wishing you one in the same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

#251 into the world…

June 30, 2014


we’re all headed the very minute we slip away from dreamland arriving once again back into the land of eyes wide open – and if we’re going to have any chance at all in living life at its highest it’s by far and away best that we’re arriving there with everything in the heart leading the way – you see one way or another we’ll all come to the very same likely startling conclusion that it really always has been upto us as to what’ll tell the story of our days and indeed that of our very life – yet as to what it is that’ll get you there it very well may not be what you’re thinking – afterall it’s not a matter of our making it happen as if we somehow have some far greater worldly strength or some far more fanciful and favored aptitude than that of the competition – and further from there it’s not even really about anything in the way of luck or coincidence or any other such far-fetched concept – rather what it is all about is having a vision, not the vision in the way of oh yeah i see that yet rather a vision from within our very essence from that of the heart – and that’s an exceptionally unique vision in where it all appears at once just for you as if it’s already happening even though you’re not yet there in so-called reality - it’s a vision only ever given by God by way of the holy spirit – they arrive at times in prayer and then again at other times right in the midst of a dream just as it did for me nearly a season ago – and what an eveloution it’s been since early that one fall morning last year – what’s further is that it’s in this place where the mindset gives way to the far greater providence of the heartset – and once that’s locked-in there’s no looking back -

yet that locking-in only ever happens when we stay in faith and that means believing what we’ve seen by the grace of God in where we know it wasn’t from our imagination but rather that it came as a gifted look of what may be if and only if we have the faith to see it and believe it before it actually arrives – i’ve known a great friend and i’ve shaken the hand of many many more than that that’ll all tell it as one in the very same as to how they got to where they’ve been guided to – and while they all took every action and jumped every leap with everything they were so gifted with it was ultimately an unwavering faith so given by God leading the way that they indeed arrived in the unique success that is theirs – a more magnificent gift we could never receive when we once and for all realize that it’s everything in the way to arriving into the grandest days of the greater purpose we’ve all been so uniquely given as we simply listen to our heart – after all it’s in our heart where God lives within us all and it’s only from there that we somehow so amazingly see and hear without our worldy senses – and when we do miracles happen – wishing you all one in the same with God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 




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