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i just can’t write it like i did at the beginning…

January 30, 2016

 yet in many unexpected ways that’s turning out to be a very good thing – after all in life it’s all about an evolution in the way of a measure of where we were, where we’re now at and indeed very much where we’re headed – so when a day arrives in a life and you’re feeling more in love than you’d ever felt before and it’s still with the same wonderful girl of nearly 20 years something so exceptionally heartening sweeps over the soul, at least that’s how it felt right up until 959 that evening – and then it happened as the line went dead some 1731 days ago – 

and in all of that time so many aspects of a life that once was have all but disappeared yet all the while so many amazing blessings have newly threaded their way into a heart that seemed as if it’d never heal – and while that’s certainly a feeling far lovelier than any words can ever say there’s nonetheless still a room within it all where a window’s permanently lifted in a fashion with the sheerest of curtains softly flittering about as if from the gentle winds of a summer day in an appearingly perfect place just barely outside of it all and somewhat distant just the same – it’s a place where an entirely different world’s on stage yet the voices are faint and any images only ever come in the swiftest, the sweetest and at times the saddest of visions – 

as much as it now all makes seemingly perfect sense at the same time I fear it’ll forever be something I’ll never completely understand until we meet again perhaps only as souls if not hopefully far sooner – and for the sake of the gift of precious life i’ve now been given for a second if not indeed a third time and what I now know so absolutely in my heart of hearts it is that i’m to be giving with it, i finally feel that i can truly accept it all – no sad stories are needed and no welling tears need shedding as I’m finally realizing what it is to truly love unconditionally – and to think it’s only taken an undying world of love that’s been said and given and proven to me by so many for so long and so patiently is to see a man who is perhaps for the very first time genuinely thankful – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

the wealth in a mind…

December 31, 2015


and everything so far beyond it in the the heart, that’s where it is and what it’s all about in this hectic life of a to z, 1-2-3 and it is what it is – yet not every one of us necessarily sees that, and to any of the ones in the blind it’s a rather sad state of affairs – in this so-called modern day we’re running about in so many’ve have seemed to arrive into their very own little space where it’s all appearingly so neat and tidy and free of any static yet that’s not where anything that’ll ever matter truly ever happens as it’s very much in no way anything that’s really even real – 

with every passing year in this glimmering age of a technorati overdrive there’s a gathering perspective of the viability of truly capturing the perfectly self-designed island life – and it’s in this finely focused fantasy built upon me myself and i (as well as the i in our hand) where all may at first seem so wonderfully pleasing from one second to the next as if we’ve somehow found the pinnacle of perfect living when in effect what we’ve fashioned is indeed a gathering void – it’s a gathering void to where far too many of us (and particularly those riding high on the cutting edge of the youthful frontier) are effectively fleecing ourselves of the greatest strength we can ever attain in this life in the way of truly connecting in and further carrying on with others with compassion – and missing that i dare say’s definitely not a good thing – 

in a time of tapping in with an instantaneous touch to this that or virtually anything the other, really getting into it with some other soul with any sense of real humanity’s rapidly descending into something far less than anything that’s real – and it’s happening with a greater and greater disconnect steadily rising to the surface as simply and quite adeptly fueled from the beautifully marketed delusion that it’s better just because it’s faster – yet that’s not it, it never was, it still isn’t and it never will be – 

after all it’s all about the quality in relating to others in any of our relationships let alone the truly important ones as to what ends up mattering in the end – and given that it’s all in the quality it’s an intrinsic given as well in that quality relationships take time in building, yet when it’s done right they become nearly invincible and far more often for a lifetime – indeed the better we are in engaging the better we are in living and the better we are in living the better we are in actually thriving and isn’t that what any one of us really wants out of life? – 

so in finding our way once again in returning to the center of where it really all happens it’s vital in our collectively understanding that when it comes to technology as compared to people everything digital typically just doesn’t matter – after all when it’s without merit (and so often of the time it simply is) we have to put it away and return to the art of listening with our eyes as they’re not only the window to the soul yet they’re typically the very story of the heart – and when it’s coming from the heart then and only then is when we find that truly invaluable and often times far too fleeting feeling that it’s all worth it – wishing you all one in the very same at the greatest of godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

love lost in a time of tragedy…

November 21, 2015

can only ever lead any soul to wonder why desperately hoping there’s some far greater reason well beyond anything we’d typically ever realize in this version of what we know to be as life – and so it was that a very happy couple barely 2 degrees away from a new and rather stately friend of mine arrived for a celebration of a decade of loving happiness together for what they surely felt would be for a lifetime – as they traveled along with all of the mirth and merriment of jolly old england to the city of love and the very cafe where they’d first met and fell for one another one can imagine they surely further had to be feeling so very thankful for the life they’d come to live together in one another’s arms these past many years – and then all in an instant everything changed, forever

everything changed forever right as blind hatred crossed their path with a most senselessly devastating end – right there and then a good man lost his wife that evening just as so many others lost their lives so suddenly so unexpectedly and ever so crushingly, and it’s not alright and one can only wonder when it ever will be again – as for why such an end would find it’s way into any of the lives lost in paris just seven days ago let alone a wife being swept off of her feet in such a loving fashion as that of what it is to celebrate her wedding anniversary in the very location of where her life changed forever for the better is indeed a question that’ll likely never be answered –

surely the pain in wondering why for this one man, the friend of a sister of a friend, already’s a nearly unbearable cross to bear yet with the love of the better part of all of the world at his side we can only hope he’ll indeed in some way come to draw upon that collective strength in finding his way back to living, for the both of them… surely his minutes must now feel as if they’re years as much as the years they had together must now feel as if they’d passed by in minutes, and of course such is the story of life for us all yet for this man it’s all now far more different than likely any of us can ever imagine – and for that and all of everything as to why we’re given a life, in the end it’s all only ever a matter of how we loved in the time we lived – and so very clearly these two truly lived and loved and for one of them died at the height of love and everything so wonderful about it yet for them both they’ll always know that’s where they were and what they had when their time came to an end of what it is as we know it in this version of life –

in helping him and all of the others in somehow eventually coming to find a greater peace let us pray with all of our hearts sending every thread of love we possibly can – let us keep them in our thoughts as we come together in a world of solidarity never letting any further life to be given to those only seeking to kill – let us have the strength to say what we mean as well as to mean what we say – and Joseph while I may not know you my heart nonetheless goes out to as I pray for you and all of the others hoping healing will indeed happen as peacefully as possible and as completely as possible everything the same – wishing you all God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

i wonder of the word…

November 11, 2015

in another world all the way on the other side of here – i wonder if the good word and the way of the love that arises long ago already found it’s way through another people maybe already so far ahead of us and maybe even very far behind – i wonder if the good word will ever be heard by all of the great many so desperately in need of it yet never having heard it – i wonder where and when i’ll next be led in giving more of everything i’ve already been so richly gifted with – and yet i no longer wonder if i’m ready as the greater steps in this entirely unexpected journey i’ve been on in recent years all’ve given me an inner strength and a nearly unwavering peace unlike anything i’ve ever felt ever before –  

in the way that i’ve finally come to better comprehend it it’s a truly fascinating ally well beyond any other as the word and indeed the words within me all are constantly gathering to the far further favor of not only to me in what I may hear yet as well as to that of the many i’m led to meet all along the way – after all compassion is king and in every turn that i’m now finding a way to share it, i’m further finding that i’m feeling like the very richest of all of the kings there ever have been – the gift of seeing the life return in another’s eyes as arriving from the simple grace in sharing kindness truly completes me – and in those moments of feeling complete i further imagine that indeed the good word certainly travels well beyond this one little world we call home and that it likely always has and that it likely always will and then again from there I wonder even more – wishing you one in the very same and all of God’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

it’s all on the other side…

November 5, 2015


of simply going for it or so it would seem from so much of everything ever said by all of those seemingly already in the know – in other words it would appear that all of the truest satisfaction ever to be found only ever actually appears when you finally arrive – and in some ways that certainly is true – however, in many others it’s a far grander equation than simply one thing leads to another – one thing does quite often lead to another when it’s with intention in getting to the greater goal, and indeed done with discipline every one thing collectively can further lead to our arriving right there at the destination of our dream – and that destination certainly can be exceptionally rewarding yet it’s all for not when the destination being sought after’s missing the joy of the journey in getting there –  

it’s truly appreciating the joy in the journey that not only breeds greater happiness in the end yet it inevitably clears the path in making sure we never miss out on all of the adventure all along the way – and it’s in the adventure as to where the overriding happiness in life always happens – and why in the world would any one of us ever desire to miss out on any of that? – after all we’re not here to live under a condition of if and when and then I’ll be happy anywhere near as much as we are in simply living in the here and now in the present, deciding we’ll be happy all along the way – 

one minute ago’s already all the way gone and one minute from now may indeed never arrive – in fact it’s come to a greater light in the finest of neuroscientific discoveries that we really never have any way of truly perceiving anything other then a couple of seconds just before the present and maybe two more into the future beyond that – and maybe to say it best as to why that is is simply to say it is what it is –  

in the greater spirit of comprehending just that is what ultimately redelivers me right back to where I am in just this very moment – and as I do everything that fear’s been doing it’s best in trying to get the better of me just vanishes and I return to who I am and indeed who I was born to be right from the very beginning fully ready to live with the greatest of passion thriving in the giving of every God-given gift I’ve ever been so fortunate to be blessed with – following from there only the best of everything that ever was as well as the best of everything I’ve ever imagined possible instantly and ever so beautifully become all that I now can see – and that is happiness in the state of perfection – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

for a friend unlike any other…

October 9, 2015


we’ll only ever remember you in the lense of very loving eyes and what it was to have the blessing of your constant companionship for these past 2 years – little fella you clearly were the sweetest of souls as you went about living with a zeal and a zest for every ounce of life you ever had in hand – you my friend lived with a surety and a flare that at once said i’m so happy just to be here as much as it said so calmly welcome to my world – you had a confidence many on 2 legs never gain in a lifetime yet with you there it was for any and all to see and smile at in any given moment… 

and then there was your favorite pastime riding shotgun not in the front seat of the car yet rather right across the shoulders of your loved ones, and for it i’ll never be the same – even more so as you did just the same one more time just 2 evenings ago, little fella you moved me and i thank you for it as that and you were the perfect embodiment of love and you always will be – 

your stay in this fascinating thing we call life was clearly far too brief yet with your every moment you touched us all – why you arrived in a severely compromised fashion we’ll never know yet my goodness the fortitude and the fight you pressed on with served as an inspiration in every way – the way in which you could leap to the heavens during gametime well beyond that of the others was truly exceptional and clearly said i love my life – and little fella we loved your life as well, we loved your spirit and in fact we loved everything about you and that’ll truly live on forever – 

as to when we’ll meet again I feel it may have already been yet that’s a tale maybe best saved for another time – as for now our hearts are hurting and our thoughts are longing to see you just the one more time knowing one day off in the distant future that indeed we will – godspeed to you little winston, we all love you ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

one single thread of spirit left…

September 26, 2015

is a feeling for some of us from time to time that can tend to be entirely menacing yet that’s only if we ever let it begin to truly get the better of us – and that sometimes certainly seems far easier said than what it is to be done in getting back that seemingly all to elusive upper hand – yet it can be done and it must be done otherwise we’ll end up done – and thankfully it’s only ever a simple matter of taking inventory – yes it’s just a matter of taking inventory in the way of counting out the blessings, your blessings, each and every one of them you can possibly think of from the slightest of them all to the grandest of them all – 

and that’s quite possibly as simple as truly realizing just how fortunate you are in having your health or maybe it’s something as fleeting and uplifting as someone, maybe even a complete stranger, having smiled at you just minutes ago – and then again maybe you’re so fortunate to have at least one other human being somewhere in this wide and wonderful world of ours who absolutely loves you endlessly and unconditionally – and then again maybe you have at least the one exceptionally happy memory in your life that’d make for one of the sweetest scenes ever seen on the silver screen, and isn’t that just a beautiful feeling? – 

when we really truly give pause in reflecting outside and away of everything that the lesser of our emotions are presently doing their very best, or shall we say they’re very worst, in trying to get the better of us, it typically and quickly becomes very readily apparent that nothing that’s happening is really ever anything other than what we decide that it is – in other words we are indeed our very own master of this so-called reality as in a way it all flows so freely as the most wonderful friend that each and every one of our imaginations truly can be and in fact is – after all the finest of neuroscience taught us long ago that it’s in the imagination as connected to the central nervous system where the instantaneous genesis of everything we’re ever feeling happens in every waking moment, and isn’t that just amazing? –

what’s so sad for the many of us is never practically realizing that we are indeed the one and only leader in this game of feelings – and such a grand game that it is as it truly only ever is you or me, myself and i deciding what it is we’ll feel at every single turn, after all we’re the one on the throne – and it’s perfectly fine if you’re not believing me, yet I wonder if you’ll believe your very own memory and even more so your life’s single greatest memory? – so go ahead and give it a second or two as it’s coming to you, can you see it…….are you feeling that? –

ahh now isn’t that just wonderful and can anyone else see your newly-found smile? – feeling a bit if not a whole world better than you just were? – you know right after that of what is to be a loving light of simple inspiration in your every step on your every path, gaining the upper hand in the world of what it is we’re feeling is perhaps the most beautiful power you’ll ever find in this life – 

and now it’s up to you to do yourself a most wonderful favor by way of “installing” this highly unique and ever so powerful shall we say “happy app” right there front and center on the desktop of that likely highly over-active mind of yours, and from here forever moving forward simply tap on it anytime you’re ever feeling less than where you’d like to be – it’s a neverending gift of truly priceless peace as the unlimited power within you all as gifted by the most perfect of God-given design – wishing you one in the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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