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the “coolness” of rock’n’roll doesn’t get any cooler than the last of idol last nite

May 26, 2011


for me and the love i have for what can be and is so “cool” about rock’n’roll it just doesn’t get any better than what happened last night at the very end of the american idol performances – steven tyler gets up at the piano and absolutely nails one of his and one of THE quintessential classics of all of rock history with “dream on” – if that wasn’t cool enough on a night with at least a few exceptional performances (scotty & tim mcgraw on “live like…” for one) it was what went unannounced and i wonder how many noticed? – and that was tyler being backed up by no less than STP, who for my money is one of the truest and in-the-stratosphere best rock’n’roll bands of the past 20 years along with the foo fighters – kids if you didn’t catch that for yourself hopefully “the file” now has – go back and find it on the net – this is what rock’n’roll is all about for me – the potential to over-deliver and give a moment where you just smile, rock-out, and say “wow, was that f***ing cool!” ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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