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the happiness of finding “old” music that just may be newly amazing to your ears

May 27, 2011

thanks to dear old mom “growing me up” to the radio in the 70’s i to this day am never at a loss for a great song or an amazing album to cue up on the bose, in the bimmer, or on the most amazing invention in all of humanity, the ipod.  it seems we all have “places” in life where a song can describe and express just how you feel somehow far better than we can ourselves.  to me that’s some of the intrinsic magic in music.  today i whipped out an incredible career found on one neat disc called “the very best of ~lou rawls~ you’ll never find another.”  you just might have heard or even be very familiar with “you’ll never find another love like mine” – if you haven’t run to wherever, pick it up, and stick it onto your ipod.  lou had such an incredible way of making you smile from the way he sings the songs he sings – you’ll see what i mean when you listen.  also on this collection is one of the coolest storytelling live tracks i have ever heard called “street corner hustler blues/world of trouble” – lou brings you right into the story like you and he are watching what’s going on and just laughing and smiling and laughing some more.  want an unexpected gem for your listening delight?  just check out the one and only lou rawls. ~rrf~

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