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in case these “new” bands flew under your radar recently you’ll wanna listen in

May 29, 2011

from north carolina all the way to the land of the kangaroo and the water that made mel gibson!  – if you like high energy, excellent compositional craftsmanship, and “multi-vocal power” then find paper tongues – one of the best bands to hit in many years theses cats outta north carolina are a true feather in the cap of high quality rock’n’roll – the debut disc is excellent – tracks 1, 3, 7, and 9 in particular are glaring standouts – i dare you to listen once and not get this disc – this is a band that hits it outta the park with songs that reach into that rarified air and give me “that” feeling if you get my drift – as for the shining new pride of australia it’s a collective known as the temper trap with a lead singer with an incredible voice drawing on the depths of centuries of aboriginal heritage, pride, and soul – as for the tracks on their disc titled “conditions” run straight to 3, 4, 8, 9, and 10 – track 8 called resurrection is a phenomenal anthem for the ages that if the charts don’t prove it so then some wise music advisor will deliver its due in a future classic movie – it’s that good – so friends it’s the temper trap and paper tongues and they’re both just waiting to dial in to your rock’n’roll radar, lift your spirits, and start a party with YOU! ~rrf~

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