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memories and the irreplaceable “golden thread” of music on memorial day

May 30, 2011

on the occasion of such a deeply personal and meaningful day as memorial day is for all of us for me music also plays a vital role – not just any music but the music that matters to you because it connects you to a lost loved one or maybe a loved one away overseas – of course we have pictures in our minds on call at a moment’s notice with just the quickest of thoughts of that person yet what for me brings that memory “to life” is a song that somehow gets attached to that memory – uncle chuck fought with valor in vietnam and thank god he is still with us but he lives far away from me – when he comes into my life like he did with a missed call earlier tonight on the eve of memorial day i somehow hear the carpenters – now i was 5 i believe when uncle chuck returned from that horrible time in his life and at 5 that places us in the early 1970’s – mom always had the radio on and what a time and era for fantastic music that was – the carpenters were literally standing “on top of the world” and with the angelic voice karen carpenter had somehow a great impression was made in my mind without me even realizing it – i can only imagine that everyone’s happiness of uncle chuck’s safe return along with the beautiful songs of the carpenters on the radio gathered together and etched a unique memory in my mind that i can now forever hear as if it is happening for the first time – the song that seems to stand out to me is “superstar” and uncle chuck certainly was that to me and still is – i don’t really know how this all happens but it does and when it does it’s what to me is the “golden thread” of music touching my life in a small but very special way – i hope you have had these truly special experiences with music & memories touching your life just the same – may your memorial day warm your heart and that of your loved ones – they know you love and miss them – they can feel it ~rettingerrockfiles/rrf~

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