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from texas to florida to l.a. we bring you one swank guitarist from alabama

May 31, 2011

one of the things i love about friends who love music is the connections and turn-ons to artists that i very well may never have heard of – after all there’s an amazing array of supremely talented players out there that just don’t ever get their well-deserved spotlight it seems – one of my “besties” (as the kiddies like to say nowadays) just last night got me onto an absolutely excellent guitarist by the name of allen hinds – allen plays like he’s been a key ingredient in steely dan for decades – he’s that good – how cool it is in this modern day to have a clip discovered by keith, keith an adept player himself tells me just last night, and, with the instantaneous fulfillment of the net allen’s playing becomes sweet sound to my ears just like that – allen hails from auburn, alabama and the clip is from a set at a club out in l.a. – here it is – –
click it and i bet you’ll be glad you did – his sound is what i “goal out” my days to feel like every waking moment – you know where you’re just in a nice groove being productive feeling good and even better feeling fulfilled – sounds like a lot to get out of just a guy playing guitar – check allen out for yourself and let me know what happens to you – stay tuned and keep the good sounds coming your way every day – it’s good for ya’! ~rettingerrockfiles/rrf~


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