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had an amazing experience today with just music, the right music…

June 1, 2011

ever dared to not turn the tv on for an entire day? – that day just came for me and with stunning results as well – something came over me this morning that my “friends” on tv had nothing to say that i really needed to hear and it was amazing – i could actually hear the sound of calmness inside my head which was fascinating – that led me to listening to herb alpert & the tiajuana brass as well as supertramp and ultimately antonio carlos jobim, you know that brazilian cat that has that beautifully understated song called “the girl from ipanema” (this is 60’s stuff and some 70’s too) – when i got to thinking about what these sounds were doing for me it actually felt subtley intoxicating – you know we hear about being over-stimulated and how tasking and hard that is on our brains, our comfort, our relationships, and our very happiness and then today just happened for me and all i can say is that it was excellent – the only other element outside of those three bands was the intermittent background of jones college radio or wktz 90.9 in jacksonville – if you’ve never heard of it or have and never have listened dial it in on the radio or the internet – it’s great what it does for me and maybe you just might get the same vibe – anyway if your feeling a tad on the stressed out side try nixing the tv for a day or two if you dare and feeding your speakers some of the “right music” for a new and needed remedy – have some artists that fit the bill? –  let the file in on ’em please – thanks and remember there’s always a perfect song just waiting to make you smile ~rettingerrockfiles/rrf~

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