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day 3 free of tv with just the music the mind and a brilliant new sense of peace

June 3, 2011

touching further on my recent words about leaving my “friends” on tv in the dust is that i’ve now three days in found a feeling i haven’t had since i was a kid of maybe 7 – i have no way of knowing how or why this is happening but i am gravitating to music from snow patrol to eric carmen to the incredible disc from george benson from november 1969 called “the other side of abbey road” (btw you make all from pittsburgh very proud g. b.) and they and others are all playing memories in my imagination – the brilliance of these memories is they are all super-happy of the excellent kind of memories – it’s like something chemical has been turned back on in my mind that has been missing for god only knows how long – am i re-discovering my soul? – am i finding it for the first time and with an overwhelming sense of purpose? – is god allowing me to see the letter he put in my pocket when i first showed up that i never quite read all the way? – i believe it is all of these and the amazing feeling is almost impossible to share – i haven’t felt this moved in a very long time and ever in this magnificent of a manner – i  have always known that music was my greatest gift and that it can move me in ways unlike any other – i have never seen it’s greater purpose for my life until just these past days – have you ever felt like this before? – i sure hope you have ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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