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2 of the best concerts i’ve ever seen made amazing by 1 perfect date

June 4, 2011

once upon a time in a land far ago it was 1993 and we were on the first of countless amazing roadtrips over the years – this one as so often was the case landed us in the city i was made in, the city of champions, pittsburgh p a – this was the very first time we had been together to the ‘burgh as so many call it that actually live there – it all started with mom filling my ears with fantastic music right outta the gate as she always had the radio on and then it moved to including seeing elvis when i was nearly 7 november 27th 1976 and i still have the ticket in pristine condition thanks to my brother jimmy – and then it picked up into high gear with jimmy turning me on in the 80’s to everyone that was excellent from the 60’s the 70’s and the 80’s – jimmy just about got me a degree in rock’n’roll by the time i was 18 – without all this great influence i’d have never thought to see who we saw in pittsburgh when we saw the 2nd show of the first tour in 19 years by the consummate musicians’ musicians, steely dan and they were spot on to the sound of the records for nearly 3 hours – it was amazing – what took this show into the all-time best shows category for me is that we saw them on my then girlfriend and now wife of fifteen years rena’s birthday august 14th and we both were smiling the entire time and well after – it couldn’t have been any better – if one stellar experience like that wasn’t enough the rock’n’roll heavens shined on us once again the very same day in 2004 in d.c. when we saw the unsurpassable and stunningly talented prince play for nearly 3 hours in the round and he closed the show with an earth-shattering note-for-note read of led zeppelin’s whole lotta love – wow – it’s like he played for rena’s birthday – i’ll never forget how much fun we had at these shows and what a special way it was to celebrate with rena – i pray to god a 3rd time is in the cards on that same special day with that same very special woman who i love more than life itself ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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