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it’s june it’s summer and for me it always starts with one song etched on my mind

June 5, 2011

when i was a kid at the wise old age of 7 we picked up and trekked literally across country from not too many miles from the pacific in oregon to bucks county pennsylvania which just the same isn’t so far from the atlantic – like moving pictures in my mind we showed up just about to the day in june of ’77 – it was such an exciting and very nerve-racking time as i knew not a soul the day we showed up on a very very hot upper 90’s day to our brand spanking new house in churchville – everything happened as it should and the next thing you know i must have had ten new friends and it was great – where music once again reigned in my young and happy mind was that every night when our family watched tv together that first summer i’d hear the music for the upcoming fall schedule that i believe abc was promoting and that song made me feel really good – when i got really into discovering music a few years later into my early teens i found out from either jimmy or mom that the song was called “still the one” by a band called orleans – how little would i realize how key this song came to become in my life several years on into my twenties when rena & i realized one day that was our song no matter what because it was just us wether we were happy or sad – yes we have been together since way back when and when life is at it’s hardest which we all seem to get time to time it’s something as little and as big as a happy little song like “still the one” that can almost single handedly carry us thru – rena and i just heard this together and talked about it with smiles just not much more than a month ago – god i pray you can play this for us together yet again – i hope you and yours have a song that sings your love when you don’t quite know how or even do a lousy job of it – right now it’s all i have ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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