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the player’s ace player in brad paisley in “old alabama”

June 6, 2011

you may or may not know i’ve been on a quest of sorts to hear how calm my mind can become (thanks to tolle) so my lovely flatscreen & bose combine has been in silence from the land of “let’s steadily decimate your mind TV” for many days now – if you’ve never tried it it’s a high-recommend from me for whatever that’s worth – if you know me you probably can’t come close to believing i’ve silenced the tv – i know there’s definitely some excellent content in that world but for me speaking just for me i just don’t need it now – will it last? – anyone’s guess, but, i’m really liking it so far – anyway, before i did this i caught it on the dvr the last half of the lead single off of brad paisley’s newest record called “this is country music” – let’s say a big wow on this song – it’s called “old alabama” and brilliantly weaves in the vocals of the cats in alabama with brad leading the way – it’s simply a perfect gem of a country song that when on first hear you think it’s winding down and then almost with a pause and a feel of hey, let’s do somethin’ different hear boys brad takes charge of the “gee-tar” like a bird singin’ in the summertime sun – it’s brilliant – anyone that’s a fan of the idea that excellent composition’s excellent composition will completely get that i just can’t praise paisley any more than what’ll come naturally from anyone hearing this tune – so the deal is if you really dig the music and maybe even more so the country music run out and pick up the disc – have it hold it slip it in your favorite player and if you can’t do that then just fork out a buck and some change and itunes it in to your life – happy listenin’ to the happy pickin’ – thanks brad ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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