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how is that 2 songs can come on and tell you almost like a map where you are?

June 7, 2011

so a lot on tap today with life which makes me completely like almost everyone else out there i imagine – little things cat things travel things career things and matters-of-the-heart things just the same – somehow in someway every day music is the guiding hand that eases my mind or brightly fills the imagination or lifts a smile to my face or at times even unleashes a tear or two and at times many more than that – just from hearing something that you can’t even touch and you can’t even see stuns me in how such a powerful effect sweeps over me – one of my absolute favorites because of his understated and masterful playing and his defining coolness of vocal is david gilmour of pink floyd – in ’78 and in ’84 david released his first 2 solo albums and it just so happens that i have “about face” from ’84 on the bose today – and without any forethought about the specific songs on it let alone the titles and subject matter i all of the sudden hear like a flash card with a magic answer on it the songs “all lovers are deranged” and “you know i’m right” – both for me are unfortunately very poignantly fitting at the time with an ocean of distance having set in on my nineteen years with the love of my life – it’s fascinating and seems that out of the couple thousand discs in the collection that this exact one with those 2 tracks back-to-back no less ran into my mind – you’ll have to listen to the lyrics to maybe understand more of what i am trying to get at – not that the titles or the lyrics are exacting reads on what i or we are experiencing but nonetheless (this is one of my favorite words, isn’t that weird??) many threads seem to be speaking why and what we aren’t speaking and it’s at once comforting perplexing and utterly agonizing – god does work in mysterious ways and for me today this is indeed a mystery – ever happened to you? ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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