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sheila e. and an amazingly surprising display of perfect musicianship

June 9, 2011

thanks to a tip from the world of fb i did turn the tv on to set the dvr for sheila e.’s turn on “drum solo week” on lettermen last night and oh my god! – so i’ve seen sheila e. perform live with prince and on tv countless times over the last what 25 years or more since she hit the spotlight with prince and it’s always been very easy to see how talented she is, but not like last night – i’ve never seen her outside of the impressive but very limiting mode of playing standing up with out much of a set and with the feet on the quiet setting at that – she’s also always had the additional feather in her cap beyond her talent given the exceptional looks she’s been blessed with – as well she’s always been someone who is cool and talented and as a guy and i know this sounds dorky but she’s even cooler because she’s a hot chick playing the drums! – so back to what was so stunningly surprising and amazing especially to me as a newly resurrected drummer and that’s her performance on lettermen last night – sitting at a full kit sheila absolutely killed the set with a brilliant gusto on par with the greatest solos i’ve ever seen including all 8 times i have seen the god of all drummers, neil peart of my all-time favorite RUSH – if you have even a slight curiosity find the clip on the net and feel a super-wide smile and awe overtake you – it’s a great feeling to witness perfection – sheila e.’s the goods – she’s an unbelievable talent that i hope millions get a chance to see her in the full thunder of the gods moment she created last night – that’s what makes music the magic that it is to me ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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