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the rhythm of life at 85 and 87 in attitude and “painting” the drums…ahhhhh

June 10, 2011

one of the rather amazing sides of life is the grace we sometimes witness from the far too few people out there that really seem to have life figured out – at these times i try my absolute best to comprehend what it is i am seeing and just how it’s even possible – it definitely is as i saw when grace came my way twice today from no less than 172 years of life – this morning my breathtakingly unyielding to the march-of-time neighbor lou crossed my path – lou is a ww2 vet who was happily married for 60 years – lou walks at a pace of a man less than half his age of 87 and covers about 3 miles at a clip on a daily basis – lou’s wit humor and golden heart far outpace that – lou is a man who when you leave your time spent talking with him and better than that just listening to him you feel that your day and your life has just been enhanced even if you aren’t quite aware exactly how – lou has long ago figured out the rhythm of life and it’s a sheer inspiration to see it’s possible – i on the other hand have a lot to figure out but dammit if i am not trying as hard as i can – in my down times i remind myself of lou and then it gets a bit better – i’d like lou to teach the world to live with his rhythm – he’s amazing – that was enlightening experience #1 and then i flipped on the dvr for 5 minutes and witnessed an astounding performance rare with even the best of professional drummers – the legendary roy haynes is a gift to the world of jazz and to the entire world of music – roy’s played with the best of the best from charlie parker and sarah vaughan to john coltrane and chick corea miles and pat metheny – just a tad bit of talent in that list eh? – well again thanks to david lettermen and his “drum solo” week which has kept me on the edge of my seat roy took his turn in the spotlight last night and it was quintessential grace and mastery of sound on the drums – roy played in a way i learned about just in recent years with respect to neil peart’s mission to “re-learn” the drums a few years ago – i know that’s completely crazy isn’t it? – but what neil was taught was how to paint the drums instead of hitting them and it’s a resulting grace that’s just overwhelming in it’s elegance – and oh yeah roy is 85 years old and still on top of his craft – 2 people that both share the rare quality of the rhythm of life – i am learning my lessons day by day ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 

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