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sometimes life doesn’t make any sense and then you do what?

June 11, 2011

you listen to ben folds’ father on track 8 from “the unauthorized biography of reinhold messner” – oh if you’ve never heard this disc it was far too good for the “wiserati” that too often helm the record labels to apparently know what to do with – it’s a masterpiece – track 8’s a voicemail from ben’s dad where he talks about the idea of taking care of our most important possession, our mind – and my god if that isn’t agonizingly difficult to get a grip on in these manic times we live in – no wonder i turned off the tv 11 days ago now – i’ve been allowing my mind to be slowly stolen saturated and depleted at the heartbreaking expense of my very well-being – no it’s not all from tv, yet with not having been careful enough i’ve allowed myself to be wounded – well the hell with that i took a stand and i’m not backing down – tv’s not been the only enemy at my door breathing a foul suffocating breath into my and our world – there’s an absolute sea of bad influences and bad smiling faces otherwise known as drama that must be at all costs steered clear of otherwise the very life of you and your most important relationship can and will be compromised with nothing but bad waiting as the final curtain call – sometimes these influences are not easily detected when we don’t have our eyes open to exactly what ben’s dad says with respect to the precious value of our mind beyond anything else in the world – it’s not too late – it’s a difficult read at times yet i have been ever-so-slowly adapting to the far happier state of the ego-free mind that tolle sets forth in his brilliant read with “a new earth” – i am not against my failure, i am against nothing, i am against no one – there’s a companion of many many thousands of words collected from many brilliant minds that shed light on what that means but just let it sit in your mind and see how you begin to feel – with these words he can’t win only you can win which is true freedom – so yep i know this has been one very heavy set of thoughts but it’s amazing how freely and redeemingly these words came for me tonite – never in my life has this happened – with agonizing pain we still have the free will to understand it gain from it and ultimately resolve it – with resolution comes wisdom and reunion with not only who we are but also with the one we have given our heart to – thanks ben folds’ dad ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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