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on the high seas in the love & music of my mind

June 12, 2011

it was once nearly 40 years ago that stevie wonder titled an album in nearly such the same words and to him the sound we hear is ‘content brilliance’ – inside of my mind for many many years the sounds and the words have been there and there mainly they have sat in silence – and until recently i barely even heard the requests the pleadings and the cries to let the world share in this gallery for one otherwise known as “the album of beauty & fear” – i have come to learn that sorrow is staying in the past and worry is in never-ending circles just looking around whereas faith hope and love are looking up – if we aren’t living every day in the light that desperately wants to enter our hearts & minds we are fooling ourselves that we have everything we will ever need to know to live out our lives in the ‘fulfillment of fulfillingness’ – that will never be me ever again – this single moment for me began in a ride to memphis i had no control over – what god shined into my mind on that day on the way to graceland was for me a divine hand holding up my gift to me and saying ever so sweetly – ‘i gave you this and you are here to bring joy to the world with it’ – in just minutes words and a sound came over me and i began to write “on and into memphis we ride the way to grace, it’s been a time and a way with an oddly missed pace, and unto a land of myth legend and style we come off a ride of many and many a mile, to find it to find him in the palm of our hand thru the gilded gate and into the heaven of graceland…” – from there even more words directed my hands and i simply followed – these moments were far more frequent when i had my dreams firmly in-tact at 18 and before i silenced my heart by 23 – i have come to find out with great agony that there is absolutely no point to life if we take our gifts which are often great and many and then leave them in a dark closet of misery & tears only to listen to others best version of how to get the most dollars – this has been the path i have been on for far too many years and once and for all this road is closed to any further traffic of pain forever – i just realized this year that the hand of god here on earth has desperately been trying to push me off of it – the prolific love from rena for me has always been so much greater than i knew how to fully accept until this year and i finally finally and unendingly tearfully got it and get it and am living by it – that’s what she meant with that one special word – the time for life to begin began for me in march because of rena’s love and i am grateful and pray i’ll be able to make it all up to her – with god and grace and gift and love we will become all we were placed here to be and together will be the greatest blessing to me – the gift of music in my mind is here for the world – please for the blessing of us all share your gifts just the same ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 

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