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the music of peace several hundred feet in the air and alive!

June 14, 2011

variations on a theme a la blood sweat & tears and life at a new high – if you’d told me just 8 weeks ago i’d be in the midst of the greatest test of faith god has ever cast me in and as the supporting player and that it’d place me in haiti i would’ve quickly and resolutely said you must be high – yet this is exactly where he has me and us and it’s been a journey that today took me off a ship that is so stunningly amazing it’s beyond description and right onto the island of labidee – the hills so verdantly green fronted and surrounded by water that’s literally a deep and royal blue of a tone that i’ve never seen –  in minutes i was with one of my favorite people in the world, my sister-in-law cheryl, and we were up in the sky a few hundred feet it seemed parasailing and then like that my world took a fascinating turn – in the self-imposed hemmed-in lid-tightened life i’d been in for umpteen years this had been a thought in passing and that was it – once again the music in my mind began again as if an entirely new personal soundtrack of vision and creation was being written and it all happened from the absolutley pure peace of flying above the pristine blue of the atlantic ocean – all at once a greater peace set in my heart & mind that everything will be as god intends and it will be amazing and together – as well all at once the notions of setting off in a hot air balloon, taking flight in a helicopter, throwing caution to the wind under the wings of a hang glider, and yelling hallelujah at the top of my lungs jumping out of a perfectly good plane all became personally very important to me as if they are gateways to a greater destiny – mark my words i will know these greater freedoms of vision & living in the coming days and then let the world know of the even greater life i’ve gained – to me it always comes back to the sound and today it was sweet and silent and in harmony unlike i’ve ever heard before – the music of a life and the rhythm of vision – may it come into your life just the same and right when you need it ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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