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a trip on god’s waters with a very wise indian & jeff beck

June 15, 2011

so as i’ve heard and believe god will and does direct our every step and with faith we stay on his path that is for our life’s ultimate purpose & fulfillment – yes speaking from on high this time around yet i really feel he is speaking through me to any willing listeners seeking their truth comfort and an unending smile – i believe the rhythm i’ve been hearing and following these past several weeks has been god’s best in literally turning me around and telling me ‘this is the direction that you have strayed from and this is the path to your destiny i have already planned for you – this way lies your happiness – this way is why i blessed you with life – this way is where people will receive a great gift in their lives through what i have put in you – the only thing now is to begin taking your steps this way’ –  i am grateful to have been led out of the forest that has left me for far too long barely seeing the beautifully flowering meadows – i can see them now and tears of relief & happiness are now also filling my life – i began seeing myself in the hands of the drummer of many a favorite song beginning several weeks ago and not knowing why – graceful elegant lyrics have been filling my mind with ease and meaning – the rare witnessing of perfection came in seeing & hearing the brilliance of jeff beck – the night that happened also was the beginning of god’s greatest test of my faith – it’s arriving messages that at times the greater meaning of only crystallize in later days – yet when they connect with you your life and ability strengthens and the fears dissipate and begin to even disappear – and for me it is once again all happening as the music of my life – as right at the time of this writing the very soundtrack of grace is filling my mind with a song that is at the pinnacle of the many many thousands in my memory – the words and spiritually driven elegance of the rhythm of ‘dogs’ from pink floyd is playing – and it’s playing in complete randomness of selection of the 15000 plus songs inside my iTunes – and i say randomness? – let’s say what it is and say thank you god for giving me such timely and amazing clarity – i for one will keep every moment dedicated to faith – do we really have any other option in true happiness? ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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