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finding my way at sea one moment at a time

June 18, 2011

how and why are so often what we say and wonder and it seems to be all simply in the grand plan – why pain is found inside along the way and what it means definitely feels like a step that could be happily skipped – yet would we ever question any need to lift a finger any farther if it didn’t work just that way? – well, the best i can see says it just isn’t so – instead of only telling of the woes and the falls i’ve learned to use my words to create fulfillment for myself and for those around me and that’s the vision and the mission for me – i  am only just human which makes me thank god that i can forgive myself and at the same time keep the faith that what one person can achieve so can another – i am grateful for the many many blessings in my life and the love that is still there and the love i’ve rediscovered in family and even from new friends from across the world – from right next to me and from colombia to india to ireland words have come into my life that have been meaningful exceptional and loving and just what i’ve needed – god delivers in all the ways that we can’t necessarily see when it’s happening yet it has it does and it will continue to be – sailing across the sea in the harmony of piano & song atop the grandest ship in the world is surreal and something all should experience – it’s indeed been a privilege in my time of question & resurrection – i intend to hold my heart open to as much light faith and love as god will send my way – after all do we really have any other happiness as great as this? – as in 1974 said in song by rush i am ‘finding my way’ and i’ll keep both feet moving ahead filling each step and stride with a smile and sense that i’m right where i need to be – thank you to all who have always been there for me and will always continue to be ~rettingerrockfiles/rrf~

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