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a child of vision taking me back to 1979 with oh so much more…

June 21, 2011

as life comes at us in these modern times words are said and heard and read at a speed that seems really just too much for us to keep ourselves together in peace – it was for that reason the tv mostly died in my life other than a few ‘exceptionals’ for me like recently seeing neil peart’s amazing solo on lettermen or seeing joe jackson’s brilliant turn on fallon or hearing the enlightening and for me very helpful words of joel osteen and now the background of wimbledon’s on which i’ve loved since i was a small child – these things give me an inner peace and smile from my soul which i feel is where i need to be every waking moment of every day – it’s what god wants for me and for all of us – something just arrived for me that i have wanted for a long time and part of my soul i can feel has been restored to where it always should have been – let’s say the rhythm in my mind just got an injection of ‘heart’ with the ‘painting of sticks’ – and again as happens so often in my life an exact song was playing at the time i began this writing just minutes ago – this song has an emotional thread that speaks to the very essence of why we have life and i am truly hearing it for the first time in many many years – it’s from the very 1st album i ever bought when i was 9 years old in 1979 – it turned out to be a seminal classic as some of the ‘loftier’ of music writers might say (me not being lofty!) – the album is supertramp’s ‘breakfast in america’ and the track is the last one entitled ‘child of vision’ – find it and listen for yourself and i feel you might just get a jump in your heart that hasn’t been there in quite a time – as for me i am heeding all the wisdom and light that’s coming into my life and pray for all that much the more – bring me the mountains ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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