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found a sound that’s easy excellent elation – feel happy

June 24, 2011

these guys are a british power trio just beginning to take a foothold on parts of the american music scene and if you’re a purist you’re in for a real delight – they’re called white lies and they have a fantastic sound that sounds as if they were designed and built in the 80’s with a synth aspect folded into a steady driving beat that’s led on top by the excellent emotive tones of the singer – i can’t help but feel energized and connected every time i listen – the album i began with is from a couple of years ago titled ‘to lose your life’ – sounds depressing but it’s everything the opposite – it’s one of these rare albums where each and every track flows into the next in ‘feel’ and the quality is right on the money – to me excellent composition is excellent composition and these brits have a foundation to become one of the next great bands for a long time to come – their most recent album hit this past winter and is titled ‘rituals’ – it’s a great listen as well – the standout tracks to run to on ‘to lose your life’ are 1, 6, 7, and 10 – if radio made any sense the way it did when i was a kid in the 70’s & 80’s these 4 would’ve all been top ten pop and rock singles – they’re all that good and all have that sound – as for the recent disc from this year dial into tracks 3 & 4 which actually seem to work as an unintended musical suite – so it’s just straight forward hq r’n’r this time around – ok that’s my bad attempt at being modern with texttalk so to speak – ha! – if you want some high quality rock and roll from across the pond then run out or flip on the laptop or your handheld and get white lies today – they’re an excellent way to start the weekend and keep rocking right on thru it – here’s wishing you vision wisdom and happiness each and every day of your life ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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