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dive in and smile no matter how hard it may be

June 28, 2011

getting reality we choose instead of railing against or tripping thru life never to feel the bask of that warm light at the end of the path and actually getting everything we don’t want because of fighting nature’s laws – what makes better sense? – so i won’t even begin to re-explain what’s been coming into my mind from across the world from russian writer vadim zeland other than to say his writing is making very clear sense to me – and oh my god have i been in the dark, but what could i know? – i’ve only been trying to seek in the way i’ve understood and seen with some positive results and too often far too much dismay for my liking – i knew there was some greater reason at 28 i began to reach out to become more than what i was and ultimately much more than what i ever thought i could be – it’s been a journey with ups and downs including right at the present where my greatest down in my life has been revealed to also be with the golden thread of blessings – the love that has been there for me, the enlightenment that has further saved me from myself and given me new understanding, and now the page i am on in learning to truly be for each second we live in which i am understanding is all we can and must pay attention to have all collectively helped me steadily ascend to an even greater faith than i thought i already had in place – i am gaining lessons for life that i will never veer away from as it’d only take me back to being my own worst enemy – can you imagine that it’s a fact that we can get the path we choose to be on? – everything we have ever been told and shown says that this couldn’t be possible, however, i now see and feel and know that it is – i realize this one’s once again on the heavy side, heavy enough to be of substance, substance that can help me and maybe you actually get to where you need to be if you are searching – almost everything we trap ourselves in we don’t even realize we are doing it let alone know how to get out of it and even worse have any clue that it can and will be the undoing of who we are and the happiness we can have and feel – if your world needs a new painting that makes you radiate with positivity and happinesss try turning the pages in ‘reality transurfing’ from vadim zeland – wishing you vision wisdom & strength ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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