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discovery – truly listening is both help delivered and help received

June 29, 2011

it was a blessing and i am indeed grateful for the shared experience of being able to listen to a gathering of those that have gone before me and whom have gained the vision wisdom & strength i continue to seek and wish to all just the same at the end of these writings – what is so helpful is feeling the words coming from these people who are experiencing positively what i am just beginning to learn and just beginning to experience for myself – with that comes further hope & faith that everything will be better than it ever was and certainly better than i ever had any idea it could be – as well my faith and vision are merging into a steadily crystallizing picture of exactly what i choose as that life is there for the having – it’s true it really is and i can already see it – understanding more and more every day about being present in the 1 second at a time we have is helping me to just be – maybe that’s why one of my favorite songs ever is ‘be’ from neil diamond – i never realized why beyond that feel i get from that song, yet, now i have a new and profound meaning added to that feel – it’s the essence of life and understanding how to be who we are without falling victim to the world full of ‘pendulums’ that most often will suck us in and drain us of our very souls as they serve themselves without feeling – ever feel you are being sucked into a place you don’t want to be? – ever feel you are flat on your back on the floor in that place and can’t even begin to figure how you got there and how to get up let alone how to get out? – it doesn’t have to be that way i am learning and feeling firsthand and it’s amazingly liberating and peaceful and hopeful all at once – yeah, i know this is getting heavy yet again, yet i must share what i am gaining that is helping me with such positive benefit – learning about my environment and how to become one who is ever calm and secure and safe and important and valuable and likeable and light and consistent and contributing and a difference maker seems on the surface to be impossible – yet it is not when there’s that drive in your heart to be the best person god put you on earth to be and that is my mission – the peace that’s setting into my heart and mind during this journey is a treasure that no one can ever steal away ever again – if you seek the same just reach out to me or find vadim zeland’s writings on transurfing or discover the peace and life-changing enlightenment in the lifework of larry bilotta’s environment changer or do all 3 – it’s that great and it’s definitely not too late – wishing you vision wisdom & strength ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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