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musical magic from 3 young brothers, ‘sleepy man banjo boys’

June 30, 2011

so in the category of one of the few exceptions with the world of tv, i again dvr’d lettermen to see tom hanks as he’s always for me uplifting with his funny ways and stories – what a surprise scanning to the end and seeing this band named ‘sleepy man banjo boys’ – what could they be all about?? – so on comes lettermen with the intro and then to my delight and surprise we see 3 young brothers i believe they said after to dave they’re 9, 12 and maybe 14 and they are with guitar, fiddle and the 9-year old with banjo, and the banjo’s almost as big as him it appears! – what happened next was for me what music is all about and why it’s the best language in the world – these kids must have played for 4 or 5 minutes and the audience kept breaking in with its adoration and awe of what they all likely were quite surprisingly witnessing just the same as me – these kids were  at once masterful graceful and simply elegant in their ability charm and happiness – they all had smiles that kept on coming back with the audience’s roaring appreciation throughout the song – apparently they have a record coming out this fall and from this performance i’d bet more than a very shiny penny a lot of people will be listening to it – moments like these which catch me by surprise and give me a dose of pure pleasure are a large part of what makes life brilliant as my new irish friends barry & eileen would say – keeping our hearts eyes and ears open gives us all the possibility for having these great experiences each and every day – living for the only second we have at any given moment as i’ve just been learning to do seems to be the key to keeping ourselves on this happy lifetrack – it’s my choice and it’s your choice – i’ll take the happytrack from here forward, everything else can swing thru and by or just altogether stop – wishing you vision wisdom & strength ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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