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listening to the soul as our single greatest asset we have and barely ever hear

July 2, 2011

it has come into my understanding just yesterday that there is a single simple and always perfectly reliable formula in life that we almost all are tragically unaware of – it’s a whisper and it’s what we ultimately should only ever listen to – that whisper is our soul and the tragedy is that our mind typically always is in the way and is telling us through loud and ever-present ‘reasoning’ with ourselves that what we are thinking absolutely must be right – hah! – this is our single greatest source of self-driven trouble that we literally create for ourselves yet it can all be stopped and we can come to understand that it is our choice – it is our choice to develop a much greater awareness of how the world and life and people and energy and our minds can either work in harmony or in great discord, or better said self-made disaster – it all crystallized for me what one particular sentence that came into my world recently actually means – it was said ‘this is something i don’t necessarily want to do, but feel i have to do’ – in and of itself to me this says ‘i am at odds with myself’ – and now with an ever-present new clarity i have learned in new understanding with vadim zeland’s ‘reality transurfing’ that ‘if you have to convince yourself and talk yourself into saying ‘yes,’ then that means your soul is saying ‘no.’ – just the same ‘when your soul is saying ‘yes,’ you don’t have to talk yourself into anything.’ – for me this makes perfect sense and i can literally feel the great uneasiness and recall all the past bad results and feelings from going against what my very intuition and soul was telling me – doesn’t this seem to make natural sense? – the soul is literally always guiding us in the direction we truly need to be taking and now that i think about it from a recent rrf writing on this site i spoke of the brief time several years ago when every stride i took small and large alike seemed to all flow in harmony and now i know why – i was connected to and hearing my soul and keeping the illusion of my ‘mind’s own best remedies’ out of my way for the greater good of my very peace happiness and success – this is peace of the highest magnitude – as for that sentence that was haunting me it no longer is – the ‘field of information’ that contains all the solutions is always speaking through us in our souls, all we have to do is quiet our minds, lessen our importance, and take the lead from the guiding whisper of our soul – why fight yourself? – wishing you vision wisdom and strength ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 

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