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the speed of 1 second is perfect

July 6, 2011

what an amazingly odd idea to even try to wrap the mind around as it seems to scream out ‘wow that’s entirely too fast for me!’ – yet to me and what i’ve come to comprehend in recent days it’s all we ever have in the truest sense of reality – we have but just 1 second in which we are in in any given moment and it’s been found that our minds really can only ‘see’ back 5 seconds and likewise anticipate 5 seconds ahead – what’s come from this for me is the connection with always being reminded to live in the present and not in the past and to plan for the future instead of foolishly worrying to no positive gain – the whispering of the soul is the only true direction we have as much as our magnificent but often all to clouded confused and overwhelmed ‘sensible’ (ha!) minds want to tell us otherwise to our awful ‘self-guided’ detriment – this concept and for me new reality makes sense as it develops a new and completely undiscovered ease in my mind which i can feel every day as i am hearing that faint but ever-present whisper from my soul – intuition is a far easier and happier and ONE HUNDRED % accurate way of finding what needs to be found and going where needs to be gone to and being exactly who you were put on earth to be and to be with – i share this personally profound enlightenment with the sincerest of compassion for those seeking and desperately needing their inner peace – anything that runs contrary to us hearing ourselves would be best cast out of directly influencing and ‘steering’ us off-course no matter how great the end may look before getting there – it has been questioned it seems forever ‘at what price peace?’ – well, it all begins with our inner peace and if we don’t have it, truly have it, we cannot ever be truly happy – try beginning with the idea of fully being in that 1 second, avoid returning to the past to change what you can’t, and be of mind of the continuing flow of the next 5 seconds in which you can choose to follow your soul – the soul will never lead you astray, don’t fall victim to yourself and talk over it let alone god forbid decide against it – there’s a lot of talk in the world and oh so very little of it is of essence to enhancing finding and keeping our inner peace – find your inner peace and see for the first time with a far greater perspective what and whom should be truly treasured and loved and kept very close to your heart and don’t ever let go – wishing you vision wisdom and strength ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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