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a fawn at the edge of a forest…

July 11, 2011

the just completed journey north to carry on striving for my inner peace was met with the unending love of many of my extended family – it’s an amazing blessing to have the understanding support encouragement forgiveness and prayers of so many during a time that has delivered the most unexpected devastation to ever set upon me – having such heavy doubt cast upon my every thought like a nearly suffocating blanket of steel these past two months and nearly 7 days now has been for most of the time an unbearable and excruciating pain – taking responsibility for what has happened and asking for forgiveness and a second chance as i every day learn how to be a better person a better man and a better other half as a husband is all i can do – the guilt and pain of feeling you have hurtfully failed someone so special in your life without realizing it is ever-present and crushing as much as i truly believe that god forgives us for our failures – the position of being left without any chance to make whole what has been for the time fractured is nearly impossible to understand or accept yet it is what god has laid out for me –

have you ever seen 111 1111 222 333 444 or 555 throughout the day in so many ways that it seems like you are living in a surreal dream? – if this is new to you you’ll either stop reading or find for yourself what is said historically about these ‘signs’ as being angels trying to share with you that you are on the right track or that something of positive importance and magnitude is about to come into your life or that you are best to quiet your mind and be receptive to hearing what your soul is ‘whispering’ from the angels that will guide your steps to right where you need to be – it is also said that these numbers signal the beginning of a true spiritual journey that will forever enhance your life more than we can imagine – on paper this all sounds great, in my reality for the past 11 years i’ve been experiencing this since right after my beloved nana passed away in 2000 and it’s now coming with astonishing frequency and patterns – every day several times a day this is happening and god as my witness i can nearly ‘hear’ what i am being told without any thought necessary – knowing what to do without thinking doesn’t seem possible does it? – yet it’s beginning to happen for me – it’s such a unique and moving experience that is for me nearly impossible to explain any further than how i’ve tried to in this writing – i have driven many many many thousands and thousands and thousand of miles across this great country in the past 20 years and i’ve seen everything from buffalo to turtles and indians on horses along the way – and then there was yesterday in the middle of the forest of west virginia where i gained greater clarity in a flash that today’s brilliantly resonating in my mind as a sign of rebirth and renewal and redemption – zipping along on i-79 yesterday at just the right speed of life i glanced to the right and there it was all at once, the beauty elegance and tranquility of a fawn at the edge of the forestgod was winking and i heard the whisper in an instant that i just the same am now able to be new to the world with the gift of gaining restored beauty elegance and tranquility in my life – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF ~

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  1. July 11, 2011 1:44 pm

    I see number combos ALL the time. I know that if I am willing to see, the Divine WILL reveal. I pray that today I am open to see and willing to respond in the way that brings the most harmony and love to the world…love ya…

    • February 16, 2013 10:39 pm

      and once again from 7.11.11 i say thank you so so much Florence!… thank you for the help you so graciously offered to me, i am very grateful 🙂

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