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quintessential rock’n’roll from the ‘big d’ & ‘country flying’ from mississip!

July 13, 2011

so you want some incredible ear candy to brighten up the day? – the recommends this go-around start off with a budding country legend who’s been out there doing his thing for  30 plus years now and that’s marty stuart, the pride of philadelphia…philadelphia, mississippi that is – his latest effort ‘ghost train the studio b sessions’ runs the range from ballad to blistering country pickin’ that no one can not get a smile a mile wide with the stand-out track ‘country boy rock & roll’ – this one further features the brilliant gee-tar of adopted nashville son kenny vaughan – hear this track just once and i bet you’ll lay down a dollar lickety-split fast to add it to the collection – it’s a shuffler and a dazzler with the pace and the playin’ not to mention the happy dual vocals galloping the tune along – man it’s a great tune and i sure hope you hear it and play it for your friends too – this is the good music, real good

head west to the ‘big d’ otherwise known as dallas and we shine the light on an outfit of 5 progressive art-rockers by the name of ‘fair to midland’ – their record of a few years ago ‘fables…’ is where i first heard them and for that entire year i played no record anywhere near as much as these guys, they are musicians’ musicians and the vocalist darroh has a range that is utterly astounding – the range he bases from has a tonal harmony and emotion that stands on par with the absolute best of rock vocalists ever, seriously go see for yourself and listen, really listen – the long-anticipated ‘arrows & anchors’ album just hit the streets today and it’s a marvel – start at the start and listen fully to the lead-off track ‘heavens to murgatroyd’ and you’ll be astonished with the level of craftsmanship in this song – the rest of the disc to zero surprise to me follows in a 5-diamond fashion 9o% of bands only wish they had this level of creativity composition and instrumental mastery – wow these are quite heavily generous words being laid at the feet of marty kenny and the cats in ftm yet when the shoe fits… – as abba once sang quite well thank you for the music – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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