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what’s already here is amazing, isn’t it?

July 14, 2011

maybe it’s only me who just about lays down to knowingly get steamrolled because the end result is so rewarding? – getting flattened left without any air and spread so thin no one can even see the real me any longer, hey that’s a fantastic goal, isn’t it? – yet for me it’s a pattern that i’ve slipped into time and time again never really knowing why until the saga of my life that turned on like a rack of lights 100,000 watts strong in a tiny closet back in early may – it seems from everything i’ve been learning and even more than that realizing or actually understanding and feeling what i am learning that it’s a pattern that little devil on the one shoulder really enjoys creating self-pity and then searching for sympathy all the while freezing me out from truly living – how great is that, right? – and he’s a real bad one that deserves zero attention let alone rolling out the red carpet to let him lead you down a pathetic path of intentional pain – thank god for the environment changing light that’s come into my world these past many weeks as i’m gaining strength clarity and a constant calm that’s keeping me nearly free of generating any self-driven pain let alone being vulnerable to anyone else’s intentional pain – and that pain’s just waiting for us all each and every day with the myriad of purely destructive and devilishly negative pendulums that swing our way looking for one thing and one thing alone – that one thing is you and your energy – it’s the truth and it’s a stinging and very painful reality if you give your energy back wether it be action or even just thought – there are ways to avoid just about any and all of these pendulums and actually instead extinguish them or let them swing right on through leaving you in your chosen happy place – choosing everything you do with clarity and a smile, sounds impossible doesn’t it? – it’s not and i would’ve said before  just as well that this kind of talk is fantasy – can you imagine beginning a day and living a day and finishing a day with satisfaction sanity and a smile a mile wide? – we all seem to know at least one person who somehow magically does this and that’s because they get it, they understandthey are the winners in life – that’s the track i’ve chosen and i can see more clearly every day and i know without the faintest shadow of  a doubt that my haves and my choices are and will continue to become my actual reality‘reality transurfing’ (vadim zeland), there’s something in this that makes sense from right inside your very soul – pain & fighting or fulfillment & a light stride? – it’s a choice, it’s YOUR choice – if you want more clarity ask me or look up transurfing reality by zeland and try what you haven’t before to finally get what you’ve never had – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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