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perfect timing from the cars, door to door from ’87 to ’11…

July 15, 2011

so this is an album that i got in the 11th grade when life in ‘now-memory’ was living on easy-street – a time when my greatest concerns were in this order girls drums girls grades and girls! – my physics teacher mr. orr seemed uniquely cooler to me because his cousin was the late bassist and co-vocalist of the cars benjamin orr – this album came out with great anticipation and hit with a relatively solid impact yet it didn’t chart the way the cars’ previous efforts had – nonetheless it for me was a stellar record full of brilliantly understated ballads that were countered with some of their heaviest gusto in tracks like double trouble and strap me in – in light of their first record in these 24 years since 1987 this disc deserves the spotlight once again – the new one’s a very tight outing that’ll surely satisfy any listener of excellent music especially track 4 – yet when heard back to back door to door is a statement that has stood the test of time and if released new to the radio today would surely define the airwaves for several months – at this point there’s no recapturing the glory of long ago in this fashion but wow it’d be great if we could as this record is a winner from start to finish – what’s amazing is that until the new cars record just hit this title was actually out of print – thankfully some wise soul remembered and thought well to bring life back to door to door and it’s now available from the fridaymusic label – what’s so great about this record and unlike 90% of what comes out every week in this day and age is the emotionally gripping personality that’s crystal clearly evident right from the get-go – and that comes from truly gifted composition and playing that indeed defines the cars of then and now once again – if the 1980’s hold any special place in your heart and this record was there with you back then well give it a spin again – if you missed that connection back then give it a go and put it together for the first time – i just bet you’ll be glad you did – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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