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forgetting the fear and actually getting what you want & deserve, are you ready?

July 17, 2011

as we arrive midday on the day of rest we call sunday we find ourselves so far removed from what really matters or we find ourselves not so far removed while others amongst us are already smiling with ease and maybe wondering why the rest of us have yet to see truly how to be – and how to be is getting the happiness we see design and choose with our intention all the while having already placed our order with the world to make it so – in my life i actually have friends that have and are doing just that – to even begin to contemplate what i’m putting forth in this brief writing it’s first necessary to lay your mind at ease so as to allow you to get in touch with and actually hear your soul – for it’s the soul unaffected from a heavily clouded mind that has the only direction we should ever be taking – have you ever made decisions that have come naturally felt very right and given you exactly what you just knew would happen which gave you that smile? – i’ll bet you can recall times like these in your life and then wonder why this isn’t the way day in and day out so your life steps from one success and happiness to the next with fulfillment nearly unimaginable  to speak of – on a day when we are to be resting how many of  us are? – how many of us are not doing for ourselves what we know we need to do to be where we need to be, where our heart or soul lies? – why is the question? – what has led us so far astray? – why do we marvel at those we see with the truest of happiness and success and tell ourselves one of a million things as to why that isn’t and can’t be us? – it’s a systemic sickness of the culture we allow ourselves to be pinballed by each and every day – those paddles that give such a sudden and swift smack to that little pinball that’s not even on a level surface and can’t even see anything that’s surrounding it are the forces we actively choose to be battered by – and it’s all to someone else’s manipulative and completely uncaring benefit – the great news is life, my life your life, does not have to be like this – i never knew any better and now do and will never go back – being the pinball machine which takes it’s place calmly securely and safely on a level foundation is a very good start to the better and the best life – to read a minute of this idea is possibly intriguing for some maybe even approaching moving for others while a few might already be on this exact page like my friend journey – to become what your soul has been telling you is at once very easy and also requires specific attention intention and retention – if you are ready for your best life simply make a choice to choose then choose the choice of the soul – help from there forward is already there and the map is called ‘reality transurfing’ – try it out and see for yourself as vadim zeland has it right and it came to him from where it already was with the rest of the solutions we all seek – the answers are all already there – are you ready to receive? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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