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the simplicity of elegance and grace as sung in 1973

July 18, 2011

for me it was several weeks ago when i made mention of a song of neil diamond’s that  sweeps me away into a happy place in the mind that these days i’m learning how to call home, and that song is ‘be’ – so as i set about to seek a special gift  for a loved one just yesterday afternoon i did indeed find what i was looking for and just the same the very album that ‘be’ first appeared on back in 1973 also came into view – given the investment was a mere $7 and given that i nearly picked this record up about 10 years ago i mustered up the conviction and said let’s do this! – dramatic, eh? – couldn’t resist – anyway i’m very happy and glad that i did – when i got back home and slid it in the bose 123 the feeling of ‘be’ was even further transcended as a sweeping orchestral warmth filled the room from the album’s start to the finish – this record in essence was the soundtrack for the film and titled just the same as ‘jonathan livingston seagull’ – what a fantastically and quite elegantly understated suite of songs that all come together to a great calming effect – as was already typical for neil diamond at the time his sincerity of vocal on this effort has him front and center with few equals then or even now 38 years after – i’ve seen him twice and now having this record pressed firmly into my mind it’d be great to see neil once again if only to hear the beauty and feel the serenity of ‘be’ – if you’re even somewhat familiar with the latest and greatest stadium anthem of the last few years ‘sweet caroline’ then you of course know neil – you may already know him very well – yet if you don’t and you want a record that’ll set you down in quite a relaxed place with an ease of smile and a feeling of being just fine then this record is for you – here’s to happy listening and hopefully a few new plays of a nearly 40 year-old classic – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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