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the spirit of doing more than you feel you can

July 19, 2011

so last night as i was ‘rustling with the stars’ and comfortably pinned down in safety from nearly 50 pounds of loving cats at the feet the hips and the shoulders something else was happening in the magic land of the dvr – as music is a shining light that never fails for me i continue to feel inclined to take in that light when it seems right to do it – so quite simply i taped fallon hit ff and came to the end of the show to see the band named ‘wye oak’ –  having ‘lived’ in baltimore for a year 7 years ago it was cool to hear in the intro that’s where they hail from – far cooler than that was next looking around to see when the camera was going to pick up the rest of the band as i could only see the guitarist out front and the drummer to her right with an efficient and sparkling kit at the ready – the rest of the band never came as that was it, just these two – harkens up the white stripes naturally but this pairing is both unique and equally quite impressive – the energy was ever-present and thoroughly dynamic as the song came to life – what was further impressive with wye oak was that just the same as the singer impressively played her part driving the way with some very nice guitar work the drummer divided his mind and dedicated the right side to the drums and adeptly created a well-developed and received midrange using his left hand to play the keyboards – wow – i’ve never seen anything like it – it was awe-inspiring to see and hear such united harmony from just two musicians in perfect synchronicity with one another and the four instruments they were giving life to in the skins the keys the pipes and the axe – what this was for me was not only a musical delight but a wink from god as to the power of the mind at ease and in harmony with the soul – maybe that seems a heavy connection to come from just a guy and girl playing a song but not for me – for me and the gift of expanded and soul-liftingly clarified vision i’ve been given of late it was nothing short of fulfillment of the mind and soul shining thru and literally singing their happiness for all the world to see and hear – for me it’s a further visual slide that i’ll always have at the ready to slip into my imagination when the wrong picture is trying to take hold – it’s all what we have in our imagination and the good gets good and the bad gets bad – i’ll listen to my soul and take the good every time – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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