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gleaning wonderful meaning in an instant from the soul

July 20, 2011

the world of the unseen for it seems most of us just doesn’t exist yet what a mistake being made to ‘see’ life in that drastically limited way – with the new perspective and the far widened world of enlightenment i’ve been so blessed to have come into my world beautiful ‘things’ are happening that most would say wow isn’t that wild or that’s crazy or how lucky yet again these are all statements that flow simply from a lack of not being aware of what’s really happening – to say this a bit more clearly what’s happening for me is what is supposed to be happening because of how i have come to learn our energy should be focused and what will or will not happen as a result – the very let’s say cool aspect about this is that it all stems from making a simple and life-defining choice that will open the door to exactly what you want – and that happens from altogether forgetting what it is you may fear and focusing instead on exactly what you desire to happen – sounds easy and it is and it isn’t – it isn’t until there’s an understanding of how it’s easy and gaining that understanding is as well either easy or not easy – all sounds like talking in a circle yet please know that it really is simple if we choose to keep our mind in the right frame and then choose to lighten the ease with which we take our ‘steps’ throughout the day and then choose to focus our best intentions into actual actions that we can control and ultimately can realize as our mind becomes at one with our soul – for what i learned and now have actually experienced directly is that the world we positively desire and ‘place our order of positive expectancy’ (thank you both to zeland & osteen) to receive can and will become happy reality – it all begins with a mind that is at ease and is self-nurtured to remain at ease to allow the unseen world of positive and negative energy to both work for us and stay out of our mind and our life – and here’s what happened that while seemingly small is in fact a great peace in actually experiencing the ‘golden key’ opening the door to your chosen life – in sending a gift of sorts yesterday an image of beautiful nature showing a particularly brilliant sunlit field of flowers was sent to my loved one – ok so that sounds nice and it was as it was with the purest of intentions of simply sharing happiness in that these flowers so fittingly and elegantly reminded me of her – what happened later in the day formerly for me would have been unexplainable yet when i saw what i saw it was with a flash of warmth and clarity from right inside my soul – with my loved one taking such pictures has never been a part of her world yet her appreciation and admiration for my affection for taking these kinds of pictures has always been there – so late in the evening into my world came a series of beautiful nature pictures with the 4th being a beautiful image of the very same flowers right to the very color yet from an entirely different state in reality and state of mind given that recently (and initially extraordinarily painfully) between us the communication has been nearly silent these past several weeks – yet the energy that has become my world and will stay my world did indeed deliver a message both to her and back to me in an unspoken and far more eloquent manner than any words can say and for that i am unendingly grateful and in awe – it has been said ‘life is beautiful’ and for me discovering the beauty elegance and surety of the unseen life of positive energy and clarified vision is that much more full of grace – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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