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still touching my soul nearly 6 years later, she’s golden

July 21, 2011

on the occasion of the early fall of 2006 something seemingly simple enough happened in our world that i thought was beautiful then and now it resonates with an overwhelmingly golden radiation of love – at this month and time my sister-in-law and brother were blessed for a 2nd time with a godsend of a child that was becoming theirs through the love of adoption – as the time drew closer my sister-in-law cheryl and my wife rena felt how nice it’d be if rena were able to share in cheryl’s new world with the coming arrival of their baby daughter to be soon called ava – what was so heartening was the long-standing connection and sisterly bond between cheryl and rena that had been in the making for 14 years at that time – what added a further very special glow to this time was the bond rena surely felt as an adopted child herself with the now 2nd adopted child coming into cheryl’s life and the extended family’s as well as everyone was eagerly and very happily awaiting little ava’s arrival – rena flew in from florida and arrived just in time to share in the bliss in cincinnati at cheryl & jimmy’s house for several days, many of which were just cheryl & rena and little jared and littlest of all miss ava – when rena and i spoke while she was away i could hear the happiness in rena’s voice and could literally see the shining light in her soul from the exceptional experience she was having – for me it was a very happy time just the same and kept alive the joy of rena’s words just 2 years earlier of us adopting in the future as well – as the years moved on that gift did not come into our lives as god just must not have felt we were yet ready yet i still have faith even in our greatest time of need we are now under as we are apart – the gift of a child comes into our lives i imagine for many reasons and just the same in more than just one season – as we are both in the summer of our lives god has another plan underway and it’s already bearing fruit and i have faith will continue to do so in ways quite likely unforeseen and ultimately leading us into a far better light – reflecting on that beautiful memory gives me an indescribable smile and a glowing feeling of how blessed i am and what a blessing it is to feel the unendingly loving soul of rena of those several septembers ago touching my soul to this very day – she is golden and always will be – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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