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there truly is never a solution in the situation because it already awaits

July 22, 2011

ah so it sounds like a riddle with that title doesn’t it? – and the mind says of course there’s always a solution in the situation or to the situation – the question is what’s the answer? – and that’s an extremely difficult answer for the mind to figure out because typically it never can as instead any true solution always presents itself – and that means the solution is always already there in the field of information that we cannot see –  can you see it? – no but you can learn to feel it find it and live at ease because of it however – so much of the time our minds get and stay 100% in the way leading us to trip and fall or crash altogether with still no answer – what actually is astounding is that the answer in fact all of the answers and solutions are already in place and it’s just a matter of how we learn to orient our minds and the energy both transmitted and received alike – this is a choice we sadly are far too much in our own way to see yet there is a far better way and that’s the way that gives us ease and happiness and is the only unaffected fulfillment that exists – so the next question becomes how do we get there? – and thankfully for those that wish to find the way the world really works and thereby discover their peace it all begins with one simple action and that’s to just make a choice – that’s it that’s where it begins – choose – from there forward an entire framework exists to gain clarity in how to carry forth with the choice you’ve made and how to see it become your reality – the great thing about this is that we have all already experienced how this works and had that feeling but in all likelihood had no idea what was happening or where it came from or how to step onto that path again – rest assured it’s not random and it can be understood and brought to life to your greater and consistent benefit –

a question that we never want to ask ourselves but will gain immeasurably from is ‘am i fooling myself?’ – and if so why?’– if we are to what end is it that we have stepped onto this path? – i’ll bet no matter how many dollars you have if the soul is not driving you then you are driving on a road ultimately to nowhere that has no end and no true meaning or fulfillment – how long can we fool ourselves? – why would we keep on living like this? – if there’s not a happiness already firmly in tact  it’s a sure bet that person’s fighting themselves and in fact fighting their very soul and a gigantic oh no when that’s happening – been there done that over and over to absolutely no positive gain as it only stands to reason that from the bad energy of a fight it is impossible to truly achieve good energy in the outcome – the universe and the laws we live in seen and unseen alike will never and can never beget good from bad – so how do we expect to be the exception to the rule? – it’s literally the idea that comes in the old ‘grass is greener’ deception when we are extremely overwhelmed (bad) and simply turn off the light feeling there is absolutely no other option and run 180 the other way to some magical happiness (deceptively bad) that just doesn’t exist – it never does if it’s not for the right reason with the mind & the soul in agreement and at ease – i tried it when i was unwittingly shut down from extreme emotional duress from the collapse of an industry paired with and much more intensely fueled by at its foundation the hidden haunting of a chaotic childhood that was coming to get what it didn’t get – and that rapidly downwardly spiraled me into depression where to most i seemed like nearly the same person but was in fact not at all – and those that know me the best knew i just wasn’t there inside – so in plain words i felt bad then ran to the fantasy of good as if it was there on the shelf for the taking and instead found more bad that was even badder –

it was only when the good of critically needed expert help entered my world that i was able to go from bad to remembering all the good i had let the bad overshadow and matching and connecting that good with the good of the new understanding and enlightenment that was desperately needed in my life to put me back in control and put the bad machinery of childhood in its proper perspective and that’s dismantled and discarded out of my mind and forever out of the way of my true peace and happiness – if you seek to find true inner peace and the way it really works start with a glance into the world of the environment changer – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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