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from 41 back to 14 in 15 minutes, it’s never lost

July 24, 2011

music is the theme and smashing and bashing the drums is the game this time around – it’s still a site that has a truly surreal aspect to it as there they sit in their gleaming onyx finish accented with the bronzed decades-old coloring of the zildjian ride and hi-hats with the final flare coming in a brilliantly shining golden crash – ok so if you’re not a drummer i may sound as if the 60’s just swept me away – on the other hand if you’re a player of some sort of instrument you’ll recognize the oddly romantic affection a musician can have for their canvas – and for me that canvas is quite the sweet little pearl 5-piecer drum kit rounded out with zildjians and a hand-made paiste and i love them! – there’re only brief times where i can get on them given the overly-near neighbors in condo life – (even though i have silencer heads for them but they’re not on them right now! ha!…) – so today i zipped down the hallway and saw my neighbor’s bimmer gone and that matched up with the lady upstairs moving away a few weekends ago spelled out crash-time on the kit – as cousin eddie said in christmas vacation about clark’s jelly-of-the-month gift from his company in lieu of a hefty year-end bonus ‘clark it’s the gift that keeps on giving’ and that it is but way way better in having a killer little set at my leisure for the first time in 15 years – yes far more fantastic than jars of jelly! – i couldn’t ever thank my amazingly sweet-souled and golden-hearted wife rena enough for having the unending love to not only encourage me to get my music back but also in directly making it possible with the special gift she set aside over the course of many months as she took a ten here and a twenty there out of her wallet and secretly created a little fund just for drums for me – that is love in action and that is rena – when she gave me the gift i was nearly speechless and fear she may not have realized then or now just how overcome i have so frequently been with the purely beautiful and loving heart rena has always had for me – rena is compassion grace and unconditional love, she is my greatest blessing in life – tap tap tap and we come back to the gift of creating music that has so happily returned to my life – well today i played for 15 minutes solid and it was all there, all of it – and that is the work of god’s gift of music in my soul – having been silent on a kit for 15 years and for reasons both inexplicable and far too sad to express it was astonishing and then exceptionally dialed-in clarity as to how this ability came thundering back – i don’t know where this will lead but to already have that sound back in this fine of a fashion is certainly a smile of natural content – and this time it’s never ever going to fade away again – thank you neil thank you steve1 and steve2 and thank you to that cat in the producers, i’ll never forget how much you all gave me in your incredible playing when i first started trying back in the 80’s – thanks so much ~wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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