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don’t stop believin’ especially when you hear the story behind it

July 25, 2011

so one of the very cool things we picked up being somewhat snowed in on christmas weekend 2009 at rena’s parents’ place in the woods of michigan was the very relaxing and enriching new together-time in watching cbs sunday morning – we learned they’d been watching ever since it began 30 or so years ago – it was just a great way to relax on the day of rest to a program with a gentle tone that’s typically full of the good stories that are good for the soul – anyway thanks to that morning rena & i gravitated to making this a part of our sundays from there forward and what a rewarding choice this quickly became as rena & i looked very forward each weekend to having this completely together quality time lovingly side by side having coffee and just being together – it became a fulfilling fixture of our sunday mornings which typically included joel osteen and then walking together and a lot of the time having a nice breakfast together in riverside at biscottis – and feeling in my very soul how much god loves the way we were being together i feel as well he’ll see fit to return us to this happiness when HE is ready – moving to today’s cbs sunday morning there was one story i sped to the end for and that was the story behind journey’s timeless classic “don’t stop believin'” – as if it’s not enough to love this song for its message it’s also rock’n’roll craftsmanship at its elegant finest as you can hear from just a few notes this one came straight from the soul – the satisfied soul being quite the familiar theme from me these days as it’s what the essence of a life of happiness and true fulfillment comes down to – so in the piece jonathan cain and neal schon were the main thrust of the interview and what an engaging interview it was – as it seems everyone’s become quite aware of the ever presence this song’s taken on as lifted in recent years by the finale of the sopranos and then shot into outer orbit with the cultural smash hit glee tv show and now being the single most downloaded song on itunes ever – well what most may not have known including me is where the song came from – jonathan cain was in a band called the babys back in the late 70’s – the babys were a great band but unfortunately and quite unfairly never got their due which left cain who plays keys and guitar in the depths of despair of ever realizing his dream to bring his gift of music to the people – then it all changed when as fate would have it his dad told him right at the righter than right time jonathan don’t stop believing, something big’s going to happen to you, don’t stop believing – cain didn’t and almost immediately it fell into place for him to join journey who was already quite the established band – and what happened next was magic – he and lead guitarist schon wrote “don’t stop believin'” slapped it on a ‘little’ album called escape and overnight in the next year they became the biggest band in all the world hauling in nearly $75M that year and that was THIRTY years ago – so if you feel like giving up on your dream and your soul is in line with your mind in no way no matter what don’t stop believin’ and get the life you were put here to lead, be for you and be for your family and be for the people – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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