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from gray to blue to yellow and keeping your own happy weather

July 26, 2011

and so goes a sunny day in northern florida – for us all we have so much imprinted in our minds and programmed as to our ways that we often can’t even notice what is happening around us or to us until we wake up, and that’s waking up when you’re already in the chosen ‘trappings’ of your day – design the day and your life and it’s an altogether different and far happier time, and for some it’s day after day and year after year – so the skies today became gray then gave way to a windy rain and for a lot of us cast a pall of feeling blue in our minds – there’s a lot of research as to the hows and whys of this ‘happening’ to so many of us yet what’s far more appealing is to know we can literally make a choice here as well and see that gray just as happily as we saw the sunny blue – the yellow’s a color not of the mind in this story but one that’s actually outside right now and seems to appear every few months or so after the rain and in line with the sunset but still in completely clouded cover – what’s cool is just that that it’s really cool to see because rarely we ever do – back to the blue and the blue feeling that comes that literally disables a lot of us from carrying about as we did just minutes before – the mind is the key to what we see and with the mind on the chosen page of happiness we are able to ascend with understanding to gratitude and then love which is the ultimate decider and leader to everything fulfilling that is possible in life – i’ve always been thankfully happy under these gray skies because it’s what i had for my first 7 years about 70% of the time in the northwest in the 1970’s – so for me as a kid it was my normal and i took it apparently as a-ok – yep he’s as ‘right as rain’ quite literally – so in what i lived in and knew nothing different from i got an imprint that all weather is  good weather – and in this time of great need for enlightenment in the summer of my life i am coming to learn that everything we think feel and do comes back good or bad from where we choose to keep our mind – and to keep the mind in the highest state of love gratitude and happiness (and yes they are all in fact choices that we can simply choose to make) we will quickly discover that just the same returns to our world in a manner of steady elegant grace and it feels amazing – find happiness each and every day in the gray the blue and the yellow – it’s been said so perfectly by rhonda byrne ‘give love through your good feelings and what you want will appear’ – an excellent mindset to set in stone – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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