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a day that brought a far greater love

July 27, 2011

i’d never understood it before the way i’m feeling it today – it’s in so many ways misunderstood by the great many of us – and so-called ‘cultural’ influences are mostly at our great peril and they’re with us nearly 24/7 other than for the woefully inadequate and ultimately self-destructive little amount of sleep we sadly under-invest into our well-being – and then a lot of us don’t have any quality even in that – so the question becomes how in the world does anyone expect to find their fulfillingness as stamped in the essence of the soul and that’s always been there? – can you imagine how much better the world would smile if the lot of us actually ascended to our destinies as written in our souls that we so tragically and rarely if ever hear? –  i came to learn over many years in many ways and from many a wise soul that there is but one way to live and that is to live with love, love emanating from your soul through your mind all throughout the day – for it is love that is built from a foundation of happiness and then gratitude and these are indeed choices – just earlier today i had occasion to be envisioning a really nice and loving time sharing an italian ice cream gelato with rena in charleston back last summer after having had such a lovely dinner at rue de jean right next door just before – while i was in the midst of reveling in the beauty of this time we had it began to overwhelm me emotionally and the slippery little ‘device’ right behind our eyes said this would be just a great time to feel sorry for yourself and cry for not being again in this moment now – what’s amazing is my mind literally said to me so you have this wonderful new greater comprehension of choosing to emanate love (thanks to enlightenment from rhonda byrne) and realize all the mirrored reward that comes back to you from this mindset which means you can be happy and grateful and ultimately ‘feel’ love at this moment or you can tell yourself how ‘good’ it will feel to drop to your knees and cry for 5 minutes – and for the first time in many many weeks in this season of faith and elevation to become everything i know i can and must become i truly realized how much better i felt to simply and elegantly choose to keep feeling good happy grateful and loving – so guess what? – that’s exactly what i did and the overwhelming feeling to cry just vanished and i was instead able to continue basking in this beautiful memory and therefore was able to just the same continue radiating my loving feeling out to the world and out to my beloved as well – it’s astonishing what we can learn about our minds and how powerful the loving mindset is for our and everyone we love’s best benefit and greatest happiness – it is never too late to learn in life – with an open mind to a loving message comes greater perspective higher enlightenment and the possibility of the surety of always living in happinessnever give up on love, love of yourself, the love of your life, the love in your life, and the love of love and it’s unending power – no one is better by themselves having left love behind – choose love every day and all throughout the day – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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