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really feeling gratitude and seeing it all already coming back to me

July 28, 2011

you know we all seem to have been given the idea that it’s always to our best benefit to give thanks, to really truly express our gratitude that is for all things small medium and big alike as well as for all the good in the past, the good now in hand, and the good we are feeling and seeing with our self-designed and purposefully chosen future – gratitude in my memory and experience is a word that just isn’t spoken throughout the day in the world we live in – ‘ah, look it’s a happy person…who cares?, tell or show me something awful so i can feel better about myself, at least that’s not me that happened to…blah blah blah’ –  and the cultural machine knows that’s where a lot of us break drop and mindlessly accept what they’re spilling out like rancid poison that doesn’t even need contact us to do its damning harm – it’d be great if i could say i was like einstein and expressed my gratitude a hundred or more times a day as he was typically one to do – albert did this because he understood and actively chose to live in the world none of us can see but yet it’s a world which allows us to get exactly what we give – he gave out so much gratitude to the point that the law of attraction was steadily immeasurably and amazingly filling his life with just the same gifts in ways that were likely astonishing not just to his family and friends but to the watching world as well – yes he was brilliant but albert also had his mind absolutely full of gratitude which gave him such an astounding advantage and it’s an advantage we can all attract directly into our lives with unending abundance if we do just one thing – yes that’s right be abundantly grateful as you live each day in your own weather, remember the gray the blue and the yellow are all happiness – i’ve always been grateful for my blessings, honest to god i have and am and always will continue to be – yet as much as i’ve expressed that gratitude it’s been nowhere even close to enough to truly express what’s in my heart – now i really truly get it and have it and will very willingly happily and abundantly give it every day for the rest of my life – i am grateful beyond words for the beautifully golden-souled love of my life rena and for all of the love in my life as has been poured out to me from so many family and friends in these past several weeks – i am grateful for my cats and the peace they bring while i’ve been alone for the first time ever in my life these past several weeks – i am grateful for my god-given gifts that are coming to the surface in this new time of fulfillment – i am grateful for the amazing material blessings that are giving me so much comfort – i am grateful for the literally life-saving enlightenment that has come front and center into my life during this time of the greatest test of my faith – i am grateful for my excellent health – i am grateful for the library of music that is in my mind and on my shelves – i am grateful for the newfound ability to make music again – i am grateful to be at ease as i am beginning to see and feel ‘something very big and positive about to happen’ and become my new and very soul-lifting reality – i am grateful for greater vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings and wish you just the same ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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