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is it luck or love to be the ‘king’ of parking?

July 29, 2011

just moments ago on the other side of the country no less it happened again – and until the recent addition of very much-needed and greatly appreciated light and love that’s come into my mind from all around i just would’ve figured that’s cool and gone on to the next thought – now it’s an entirely different story and gratitude stays on my mind and flows in my words of thanks with a far greater frequency than ever before – what’s fantastic about that is actually getting on the gratitude frequency which keeps my heart& mind connected to filling my life fuller than i could ever have imagined possible with the resonance of brilliant shining love – that’s the love of everything i have to be grateful for in the past, the very same gratitude for all that is such a blessing in my life at the present and an overwhelming gratitude for all that i imagine feel and will receive in the very near future – so how does this have anything to do with my friend’s escapade in a san francisco parking garage just minutes ago? – excellent question – if you allow into your heart that the loving energy that is gratitude extends to everything small and big alike in life and that the law of attraction is truly a law with respect to positive energy returns to positive energy and negative energy gets only negative energy and that there is no possibility for any other outcomes then you already get it – for several years now i’ve had this incredible ‘luck’ whenever my loving wife rena & i’ve gone out for an evening together, you know for a date – it’s been simple but steady and amazing quite the same even though it’s just parking – what’s inspiring is thinking and feeling all else that is on my way from now gaining this eye-opening revelation of how we can have our mind work for ourselves or straight up against ourselves and guess what? – it all comes from our mind forward or for a lot of us heading backwards and fast – i never realized that every time this happens for me with my ‘reserved’ spot always being there right in front in the busiest of places i’d on the way to the destination given thanks to this little but very well appreciated event happening over and over and told myself i know there’ll be a perfect spot for us when we get where we’re going this evening yet again – and presto there it was and there it is, it nearly almost always happens – this afternoon i was sharing this story with my friend journey who’s been a tremendously insightful and helpful friend to me in these past several weeks of suddenly sadly and ultimately serendipitously altered reality – what i didn’t know was while i was sharing this story he was actually trying to find a spot and for 20 minutes was coming up empty and then had actually left the garage until i shared the stunning regularity of parking cache that ‘happens’ for me – so unbeknownst to me he turned around back to the same garage as we were finishing our chat and then we hung up – almost immediately he texted me to tell me the perfect spot opened right after we ended our call which had included my encouraging him that a spot will come up just like that, and it did – luck? – no big deal? – ahh, i don’t think so – that was and is the gratitude of creation from imagining to feeling to the perfecting reality of receiving – and god obviously loves it when we use our minds purely with love and thanks – if it’s possible with parking even for a friend 3000 miles away what else can you imagine feel and be ready to receive – do you believe me? – forget about me believe in god believe in love as the highest and most valuable energy we can ever bask in and always always always believe in YOURSELF! – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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