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a positive friend is truly immeasurable invaluable & lifesaving

July 30, 2011

what an excellent time i was blessed to have with a very positively minded friend today – the gathered energy was as they say tangible and was truly felt in a fantastically fulfilling way that’s actually quite difficult to put into words – it’s there and that it’s is an elusive feeling for so many of us to ever find because we are in our own way and so often of the time can’t even begin to see that we’re wearing lenses that are scratched cracked and full of filthy fingerprints – rather unappealing picture isn’t it? – then why do so many of us pick these glasses up every single day and slap them on our faces to drag thru yet another day where nothing’s going our way and everyone’s failed us and it’s all the big fat rich pink guy at the top’s fault? – there are times where this becomes an unseen trap that the mind in great stress can’t even begin to see – so what happens is we fall and when we fall we put those same nasty useless glasses right back on only to cover up all the love&blessings we still have and leave us seeing nothing but the bad – it’s how the human mind works when it’s overloaded – don’t fool yourself – ever felt this way? – feeling this way now? – feeling this way for a while and it’s all someone else’s fault and it’s not fair? – yeah, i’ve been there and didn’t realize it and couldn’t realize it until someone with expertise saw that i had become beaten down by a crushing stress and the massively amplified negative mindset that always comes with it – in seeing me like this they then helped me realize i couldn’t and wasn’t seeing anything clearly or even close to right at that point –  i sure thought i had life nailed and was one teed-off storm of highly unfocused bad energy and i lost a lot that mattered and even more almost lost the ones that matter the most in my life – we can all end up in this place from time to time in life as the feeling and fragile humans we all really are and even more so land here given what has been an excruciatingly upsetting economic period these past few years for a lot of people – and if and when we do end up here and if we aren’t equipped with the right mindset which we were given as children and had no choice in the matter of then all hell can break loose and trust me you’ll feel in that amazingly perfect problem-solving mind of yours that you’re on top of it (you’re not) and everybody else has their head up their, well you get the idea – here’s what can happen and must happen or you could lose everything truly dear and near that matters the most and you’ll actually run from the very love that you need the most because ‘someone’s gotta take the blame’ – and in this new seemingly at-ease mind of yours the reality is you’re still overwhelmed with every negative emotion in the book and you’ll likely find it impossible that you could have anything to do with what ails your world and why your life feels so off the rails awful – and this doesn’t mean you are to blame it just means you weren’t given the right software when you were a child – yet the truly great news is we can end all that pain and come to a soul-renewing sense of peace&love by identifying and then resolving this bad software once and for all that’s trying to run your life into the ground – and if you don’t listen to the whisper from your soul that’s desperately trying to tell you you are running from yourself then WATCH OUT as you’ll now unwittingly organize your very own and unrecognizable pity party that can fill a stadium with the terribly misleading and deceptive thoughts racing through your mind and blinding you to all the good you have to be grateful for – you’ll find yourself in a place where no one else matters other than that little red-caped devil on the one shoulder (negative emotions) who is now strangling the real you and the angel (positive emotions) on the other shoulder making a tragic mess of your life – and all the while that little f***er is laughing at how much he’s enjoying controlling you – the good news? – oh my god is there good news here? – yes there is – this was me from the moment i snapped in june of 2008 from the extreme stress i was under until a year later when an esteemed doctor magically walked into my life and the light began to shine – in mere weeks i was able to see again and cry in gratitude for every blessing in my life i couldn’t see for more than a year – the other good news is this and it’s straight forward simple and the key to life – you MUST fill your life with love and focus your energy on all the positive you are so heavily blessed with – this is a choice and all the good in life and all the love in life will return to you as the law of attraction GUARANTEESthis cannot be stopped – what is also a choice is to stay in the depths of anger emanate negativity and push away all the positive energy and love – this also cannot be stopped and we all know it – it’s the law of life – so the question is which choice sounds better to you? – it’s that simple and it’s that vital if you really desire to receive the love we all need and we all rise from – if even one person in your life tells you you aren’t yourself and seem unhappy it’s time to really very closely listen as they are giving you an opportunity to save your loving life from becoming a completely unnecessary disaster of wayward and lingering pain – start with where you are and know it’s always the absolute exception to ever find the grass being greener and just the same your grass while right at the time looking flat lifeless and brown in your overwhelmed and quite likely depressed mind as they go hand in hand is in fact still green and simply needs the fertilizer of enlightenment – don’t fool yourself and tell yourself i can fly this plane all on my own and get exactly where i need to get to because you can’t and you won’t – no one can, it’s a scam just like the ‘caring angry friend scam’ (they are using you and don’t love you) – make the choice to rediscover the love that is already there for you and always has been – choosing help is the strongest and smartest option we can ever take – save your life with the love that is already there for in the end you’ll now be with those that are the happiest winners in life and love – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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