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have you ever dropped to your knees in happiness for another? tears for journey

July 31, 2011

so today a moment came that i’ve never experienced for anyone else and it was very moving, in fact so moving to the magnitude of dropping me to my knees in overwhelming happiness and tears – having the gift of sudden self-awareness come into my life nearly 90 days ago i’ve come a long way in understanding the soul unconditional love and the meaning of life – profound awareness i had little of before i now feel to the very inside of my heart soul & mind as a newly united lifeline of love – and if those words are really taken in when you read them ‘united lifeline of love’ they resonate with such clarity as being the only way to lead our lives – if we find ourselves not in unity within ourselves we are not happy, yet we can be – remember it’s truly your choice and then your love of yourself that allows it to flow (hey just like the beautiful bellamy brothers’ song from the 70’s ‘let your love flow’) – it’s the way to lasting and lovely happiness – and these ideas that begin in the mind and ascend to being what we are actually feeling lead to the receiving of all that love back – for my new and unendingly supportive california friend his world of his mind his feeling and his unendingly positive radiating and loving energy today presented all of its glory directly back to him in harmony elegance and overwhelmingly emotional joy that is worthy of great celebration – just fifteen minutes after we were talking about everything i was so grateful for earlier today he texted me asking me if i recalled him saying earlier he felt something very big was about to happen for him – he told me ‘don’t give up’ and at that moment i knew exactly what he meant and what had just happened for him – he is a man who has been in the journey of his life becoming such a far better man in a now greatly elevated state of grace calm security safety importance value likeability lightness consistency contribution and difference-making, he has become the anchor we all are magnetized to and should aspire to be in finding our best selves and being our best selves for the love of our loved ones and indeed for the love of the common man (also the title of a beautiful 1976 todd rundgren song all should hear) – he has learned that we can be what we decide to be with great enlightenment effort and prayer and that we can actively re-design our very mindset to that of one overflowing with positivity and love in the imagination in feelings and in the reality of what must come back to us – the law of attraction never fails and today it all happened – he got the call and every ounce of the good from before is running back to him with a new and overwhelming gratitude joy and love far better than he could have ever imagined – it’s a far far greater love from the glorious new inner peace of two people coming back into the sweetest harmony dedication and embrace and we all can have this – what i see and what i feel is what i believe in all my soul i will receive as well and in little ways it’s already happening every day – i am happy i am grateful and i am in love with life i am in love with rena the love of my life and i am in love with all the love in my life – what do you see? – what do you feel? – and what is your heart ready to receive? – celebrate love at every turn – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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