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lifting the spirit with asia’s light the way

August 2, 2011

it’s always a treasure to be had discovering a new song that has that special quality i affectionately and simply call having that feeling – songs have meanings that run the spectrum of all the feelings we can feel in life and that’s the inherent nature of 4 minutes of elegant artistry – elegant artistry is an elusive moment to capture and most artists will agree just the same – there’s a reason for that and it’s called inspiration – inspiration comes from the souland hearing the whispering soul is rarely a chosen reality for most of us because we will not get out of our own way in quieting our mind so we can have what we desire – seems to stand to reason doesn’t it? – ever hear a songwriter tell of how a melody or lyrics or both came to them in a dream and they woke up and immediately wrote everything down they’d received? – that’s hearing the gift of the soul literally in a dream – it’s astonishing to hear this type of story yet i’ve heard them many times and they typically come attached to a great work of art like the stunningly talented rush guitarist alex lifeson’s masterpiece ‘la villa strangiato’ which came in its entirety as a dream – if you aren’t familiar with this one give it a listen, it’s brilliant – turning the page to another band of the highest magnitude it’s asia that now gets the spotlight – these guys are one of those rare and deservedly so titled supergroups as their debut disc of 30 years ago was and remains an astounding work of art that radiates a shimmering energy we all’d like to feel every waking moment, yes it’s that good of an album, doesn’t get any better – these guys come from yes from king crimson and from elp, 3 exceptional bands that have rarely been matched and never surpassed in their artistic achievement – in an amazing turn the 4 original players john wetton steve howe carl palmer and geoff downes all reconvened after nearly 25 years apart to record again with ‘phoenix’ being the result – the attention here is in the follow-up titled ‘omega’ which has a number of very good to excellent songs – the one that steals the show for me is track 7 ‘light the way’there’s an energy that literally shines from this song – it’s simple it’s dynamic it’s overwhelming and it makes me feel faith gratitude and love which have become my world as the collective feeling is the best i have ever felt in my life – ‘i keep on searching ever more, for what i just can’t see, now i look and find the answer, right in front of me, no matter what it is, be sure it can be fixed, letting go of yesterday, might just might light the way – to me that’s the beautiful presence&power of love all from a few minutes of listening to the soul – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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