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design it yourself and diy with all the love in the world

August 3, 2011

it’s steadily  framing my mind that my mind is the key, my soul’s broadcasting the best show there’ll ever be and i’m seeing it – and now that i’m seeing it i’m definitely feeling it too – and that’s the set-up to receive all that’s great – the only ingredient needed from here is already inside my heart and that’s overflowing love – so simply said love is the answer just as well as it’s a beautiful song from the 1970’s – it’s becoming clear to me that it really is possible and completely vital just the same that we design our lives otherwise we’re a pinball no matter what because it’s a path always at the risk of others’ personal design – so the question is will you ascend by choice or randomness regardless of your greatest desires? – which way makes sense? – the diy aspect of this all is not that you have to truly do it yourself but that you take responsibility for yourself which in my way of seeing comes from having an in-tact and essential foundation of inner happiness gratitude and love for all the good and all the good that can be – as you make this choice in the design of your best path or happy lifetrack there’s an energy that begins and continues to radiate from you that becomes magnetic to many a good soul that’ll attach to your way of thinking and your noble endeavors – what happens there is a naturally balanced and attained synergy with your efforts as now strengthened by like-minded positively energized people and this is a great and nearly unstoppable power to harness – the thing about having love for all that is good is the suddenly unending world in need that appears all around you – even offering the opportunity in just thought alone for more love to come into the life of a perfect stranger standing next to you in line and then continuing that on to all whom you see creates and strengthens an excellent warming feeling inside me – and what has already happened as i’ve begun this new walk is amazing – walking into a busy post office a couple of days ago with 15 people in line gravitating instantly to just the right person being taken care of with smiling attention then back in the car with start to finish in just 2 minutes, no way right? – yet that’s exactly what happened and what it was was all the love i gave in thought on my way there instantly coming back to me – i’ve never realized as it’s been happening in the past in the way i clearly understand now, it was both amazing and inspiring – to me that was the law of attraction in its finest simplicity – it’s the way life should and really does happen when we decide our path and decide it with love – ready to receive? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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