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the cat who ate the pizza, just perfect isn’t it?

August 6, 2011

sometimes that’s all it takes to keep your mind on the right channel isn’t it? – we have a world of thoughts that we can allow to literally inundate us at times swirling and careening off the metallicy and echoing container our brains seems to be stored in, you know our heads – so with that it’s seductively simple to respond to whatever the latest stimulus is and that’s just no good for anyone most of all you and me! – it’s absolutely vital that we have a simple system for staying on track and even better staying on the track we’ve chosen as that’s the only road the soul can drive and drive it can like a gleaming light blue ferrari unharnessed on the pch at a 180mph without as much as a leaf in its waythat’s the power of the soul-driven mind as i’ve come to learn and am as well beginning to experience inside each and every day – sound appealing to you? – the beautiful simplicity of how we can maintain that elegant focus and the ever-present fulfilling feeling that rides right along is sheerly from simple steady eyes-open gratitude – gratitude is altogether forgotten in most of our day-in day-out lives because of that little brutally beaten and uneven pinball in your mind that is in essence you if you let it be – whereas if you realize your essence doesn’t lay in your mind but rather in your soul you are far ahead of most and already far down that road zipping along at 180mph or better with no one to stop you and in fact everyone cheering and helping you along – if you ever get a moment in the day or if you’re letting your day run you ragged it’s high time to simply speak a word of gratitude – for me one simple way is seeing the blessing of my 3 cats or los tres gatos as they’ve been so named in some way over the years that i can’t even begin to recall how or why nonetheless it makes me smile – and you say so you have 3 cats so what? – well they are fantastic companions that have enriched our lives and our spirits each and everyday with their unique personalities and their amazing capacities to be so loving loyal friendly and playful – yes these cats like all cats give you back everything you give them and they have all only ever gotten unending and unconditional love from rena&me – for me that’s what i now have for all those in my world and for all those yet to be, unconditional love love is the way and creates all that is good – like just 20 minutes ago when my faithful 13 year-old dancer as he was laying next to the laptop fully asleep instantly awakened at the presence of a slice of the best pizza in town from my friend elias – yes dancer the cat actually woke up to have pizza and i just smiled a mile wide as that to me was a moment of perfect happiness gratitude and love – and a mind stuck on this channel is a very good thing – let your soul fly and smile at it all – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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