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‘the steve perry principle’…

August 8, 2011

there are so many ways so many thoughts cause so many invisible walls right there in the middle of the road – do you see it? – seriously look really hard your mind is all-powerful so you definitely see it right there, right? – that’s the reason we don’t even want to get up some days and even worse know it’s going to be just a lousy day or worse yet a lousy week, right? – come on this is something that’s happened to you one or two times along the way, right? – sure it is, it’s not unusual, it’s the human condition – someone shared with me the solution to life right there in your home of homes, your bedroom and it’s all there if you just look – see the ceiling fan? – it says to you to be cool – the ceiling itself is saying aim high, the clock says every minute is precious, the window tells you to see all the good around you, and the floor says to you to kneel and pray and give gratitude and love for the countless blessings in your life – what’s amazing is we can take in each one of these life-giving messages just upon opening our eyes when we awaken each morning – seems a rather happy way to begin the day doesn’t it? – give it your best 30 seconds or so tomorrow morning when god willing you rise again to share your gifts and love with the world –

if that’s not the frame of mind that leads you out of bed then there’s something very amiss in your life yet rest assured it can be reconnected – if it is your mindset then you’re already seeing with the clarity of blessing happiness gratitude and love – you’re walking in the path you are meant to walk in as your soul&mind are one as your inner peace carries you in grace and ease with everything just happening for you as you see it feel it and continue to receive ityou are designing and living your chosen lifeyour soul is the one and only driver in the fulfillment of your life’s happiness and success when she is constantly being heard by your relaxed and ever so beautifully aligned mind – and it’s because you made the choice to listen to truly listen to the whispering voice of your soul and she is the single most important voice you can ever hear – can you hear her inside you? – has it been forever and a day it seems since she last caught your attention? –

please don’t feel lost or that you are forever now headed in the wrong direction as your soul is still whispering – you have to only do 3 things as you quiet your mind and one forget anything negative from any ‘caring angry friend’ (which is an ever-present scam) two cast aside anything negative in your conditioning and three shut out the continuing self-chosen daily bombardment of selfishly-driven destructively-laced modern society as it tries to suck you in and suffocate you and it will if you let it can you find the respect for your soul to really shut all of that out and not continue to make choices of ‘this is something i have to do’ as you in the same breath say ‘it’s not something you necessarily want to do’? – does that reasoning make even the slightest bit of sense? – it can’t and it doesn’t because it comes from literally being overwhelmed and possibly even being somewhat depressed which shuts a lot of reason and capability down and creates unnecessary chaos in your life and this isn’t unusual at all because again it’s the human condition – yet it is also the human condition that we only get healing wisdom and true inner peace by reaching out to those who can help enlighten and guide us, we can’t do it alone – do you know there is a law of the soul in life that can if you listen to her literally save your life and lead you one hundred percent of the time to your greatest well-being? – and do you know that the law of the soul when simply understood will never fail you ever in telling you when she is saying no or yes? – she is there telling you this for the very essence of your vitality and happiness so you always know what to hold on to and what never to touch – it’s as simple as it gets when we listen and as sad as it gets when we do not – as highly noted philosopher vadim zeland so eloquently and elegantly explains ‘if you have to convince yourself and talk yourself into saying ‘yes’ then that means your soul is saying ‘no’ – remember when your soul is saying ‘yes’ you don’t have to talk yourself into anything’ – this directly relates to the above statement we all can tend to reason ourselves into about one thing or the other and sometimes even things that are quite momentous and exceptionally and drastically and very wrongfully life-altering – when you find yourself saying ‘this isn’t something i necessarily want to do but have to do’ come to a full stop – it is critical you recognize your mind is trying to convince you that your soul is wrong and this never is the case as we all innately and very clearly know in our heart&soul which effectively is one and the same – saying you don’t want to but you have to should always tell you at that critical point you are on the absolutely wrong track with that type of decision and that society is crushing your thinking and your mind has given way to screaming above the whispering of your soul – caring angry friends and the rampant self-serving very powerful negative pendulums swinging thru our lives every day are just dripping poisonous saliva awaiting to steal your energy your essence and your very soul – you MUST not let this happen ever as you will suffer the most and possibly forever until you realize reverse and reconnect your mind to your soul – the soul is the only path to your true fulfillment and fruition with the god-given gifts you are blessed with –

so what does steve perry have to do with all of this? – he quit sharing his gift in 1996 and the music world has all missed him greatly since – he quit and ultimately the greatest loss is his – don’t let being overwhelmed awfully mislead you onto the wrong path, the path that is not your soul – if it does get off it as fast as you can and hear your still whispering soul – don’t be steve perry – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings, you too steve – ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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