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as grace happens it appears in mere seconds and it’s now every day

August 9, 2011

what a blessing to be hearing again and what a life-giving feeling that came right along with it – not hearing the outside world but rather now hearing thru the sideways symphony that often attempts playing the composition of my mind and listening in to the beautiful gentle and endlessly elegant whispers of my soul – this may sound to some as not living in reality yet there is only one reality of vital essence and that is the reality that has been indelibly stamped into your soul by god as to why you are here with the gift of life and the god-given gifts that have been woven into what makes you you and uniquely you unlike any other soul in the world and carrying with you astonishing blessings – as i set out finally reconnecting what began in my heart the very day mr.wilson placed a gold star atop my creative writing assignment in the fall of 1980 i gained a feeling that is exceptionally moving from the inside out as a great warmth overwhelmed me with happiness and even tears of joyit was all there again and i will never go astray ever again as to lose that feeling would be unbearable – i don’t know how i’ve made it to this point in my heart with a mind that kept chasing disappearing tracks every time i seemed sure to set my foot onto what has always ended up being someone else’s golden path – so on that day in late may i heard her again, i heard that faint whisper that has always been there and she led me to my brilliant cousin tommy who spelled it all out gave me the direction i needed and voila’ there i was putting pen to paper  may 27th with the inspiration of steven tyler & most of stp in a union of rock’n’roll finesse guiding the words that came simply quickly and movingly right from my soul and out to the world to read it as they please as the rettingerrockfiles began a new and emerging fulfillment in my life i didn’t realize was awaiting – since then it’s been the love of music and the passion of finding true happiness in life and sharing that gratitude in me for all to see – in effect the staggering enlightenment i’ve desperately needed has been pouring into my life for several weeks now and the greatest love letter of my life to my golden-hearted wife rena has unfolded right here for all the world to see and feel my endless love for her with and hopefully gain from for their own greatest well-being – these weeks have transcended from the agony of sudden unexpected emptiness and pain unlike i have ever felt to realizing the grace of god guiding rena’s blessing to us in what is now radiating from my very soul for the 51st time with happiness gratitude and lovelet it be said that love always wins and will for us together again, it’s in our souls – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings, you too steve ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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