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that’s one swift looking ‘do’ my man…

August 10, 2011

something new and enlightening came into my mind today about our fraile – ever heard of it? – thanks to vadim zeland now we all have – not frail but with that little e at the end that makes it just a tad entirely different – so there’s been quite the theme running front & center through the writings here in the rrf in recent days and this is no exception but rather an altogether new golden thread as to who we are and it’s really cool any way you see it – think of the likely at least a few people you know who have that exceptional quality that seems to stand out even in an entire room full of people, you know that quality that is simply magnetic but in only the best of manners – it’s a quality that you can’t see in them and you can’t hear it in them just the same, yet it is absolutely there and it’s the very essence of what makes that person stand out with an aura that some can literally feel – it’s that quality just as i lovingly refer to in the best of songs like let’s say call on me by chicago from 1974 where a nearly loving feeling emanates effortlessly – well that same quality is in all of us as humans and when we design and run our lives as led by our soul this quality is readily felt by all that come into our world – this is the fraile of the soul – if the people in your world love being in your presence then to me your fraile is smiling with a glimmer and a gleam – this is what drew me to my amazing wife in a crowd of 10000 back on the night of halloween 1992 as the annual florida georgia world’s largest cocktail party danced on at the landing that night – i saw her from fifty feet away and this at the time not-nearly-confident-enough 22 year-old didn’t hesitate to wind my way thru the crowd as i just had to talk with her – she was the one for me – i could quite literally feel something indescribably exceptional about her and i knew something very big was about to happen – several hours later we parted ways – just several weeks later near christmas i told her i love you as she did the same to me – 19 years later rena is still the absolute love of my life, a blessing of a wife greater than any man could ever dream of – for the fraile of the soul couldn’t create any greater a warmth felt by all than does rena’sgod was smiling over us then as he still is now – let your fraile be felt and find your greatest fulfillment in the union of your soul and your mind – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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